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An address given by the Christ messenger Zodiac through the deep trance mediumship of Miss Winifred Moyes,
at Kensington Spiritualist Church, on Christmas Day, 1929

(Note: This message was edited and shortened for a more general readership)

..."On a day like Christmas Day, and on the Day of Remembrance, the barriers between the earth and the World of the Spirit are down, and loved ones on both sides of the veil can be as one. So often those bound by the earth body are conscious of loneliness - a sense of loss. Very seldom do they think of those who have discarded the earth body and - to a degree - have passed out of the physical conditions.

"Do you think of the loneliness of those who love you, who have passed into the higher conditions? They send their thoughts to you, and too often find a closed door; how they seek to comfort, to minister; but you, by your thoughts, by your forgetfulness, fail to respond. But the time is coming when the eyes and ears of men and women - pilgrims or travellers on the long road home to God - shall be opened. Then indeed, they shall catch the sweet strains from the World of the Spirit, and self, in its many forms, will fall from them and peace will dwell within.

"These are the woes of those who have passed out of the physical tabernacle. You, who are undergoing experiences in an earthly body, have the power to strike those on the higher side of life in a far greater measure than we have the power to strike and wound you.

"Look back at the time when that little Child was born in a stable; when those who had true wisdom, laid aside the holdings of their day and travelled on a long journey to find the King of kings, whom they knew had been born - knew - because they had sought and found truth, in a degree, as truth.

"The Three Wise Men had set out on a seemingly foolish journey to find a king. They sought in the palaces, in places where a king might be housed, but they found the King of kings in a stable. Yet, only through the strong faith which they held, did they find the King of kings.

"There are men and women all over, seeking for truth, and many do not find it. Why is this? Because they are bound by earth thoughts; bound by theories that emanate from the minds of others. They have forgotten that Wisdom, in its purest form, came to earth, symbolised by a little Babe, by simplicity, by poverty of material things. So it is that men and women, wise in degree, seek for truth but find only a glimpse here and there, and they continue their way with sorrowful hearts.

"Yet we who know, we who have been taught that as we seek so shall we find, we have the privilege and the honour of passing amongst strangers as well as friends, pointing the way up the steep hill of effort that leads home to God.

"Bring your thoughts back to: "The Birth of Consciousness", as shown to those who are free.

"You are children of the light, and children of the half-light - you have sought and found and cast from you. As you go along your way, this action is repeated again and again. But never forget that in the Example of the Christ you have direction.

"The birth of consciousness to the individual, is dependent upon one great thing alone, and that one thing includes all others - it is love.

"The Master of all life came upon the earth, bound as you are bound at birth; yet that One - by His Love, by His service to humanity, by His willingness to endure - showed the way whereby all mankind can enter into His spiritual Kingdom.

"All souls upon the earth and in many other conditions must come into consciousness by the same processes as the Christ. It is open to all. Over the past we have had much, yet over the past we have lost our Divine Inheritance. Today, by the wish to serve, by the hopes and aspirations which hold our minds, we can be born again. Remember, that as each birth comes, as we draw nearer to that greater consciousness which we make our own, we lay aside the things that others prize - our many toys, our theories, our opinions - and come back to the simplicity of the little Child.

"The Christ was born in Bethlehem surrounded by none of the treasures of the world, bereft of those comforts which seem essential to man today. But there was joy in the heart of Mary, and joy in the heart of the Child's foster-father, Joseph, because at that time love reigned supreme. Joseph had followed the guidance he had received. The child-wife looked at the man so much older than herself and saw in him her protector, and gratitude surged from her heart. That which had come upon her could have brought great terror. In the little home, lent to them by the kindness of others, Love came and found love all around. It was the birth of consciousness to both Joseph and Mary - God's will was done.

"Love is power. Love is the tool that we must always use. The time will come when you will recognise that all-important fact. In that hour, consciousness will be born, and your gifts, your abilities, will be enhanced a thousand-fold. Your mind will take in a wider view; the earth as a prison-house will no longer exist. The gates of revelation will be wide open, because the love within has contacted with the Love of God, our Maker, and under the sunshine of His illimitable Love, so the earth experience - the experience of the past and the experience of the future - will assume a different aspect. Light will illumine darkened places, and joy will kill the power of sorrow.

"As you continue your journey, passing from earth conditions into others and still others, you must again and again have birth and so-called death. You die to the lesser to emerge into the greater. As you strive, your mind will be enlarged, thus the love of God which is within, stifled and imprisoned, will gain its freedom, and you shall, in miniature, represent the Christ. This is the will of God.

"On this sweet day we put aside the thoughts of the world, its worries and wonderings, its trials - and draw to us the gift of peace. So the Prince of Peace comes amongst us, blessing and recharging. Today you can be born into a greater consciousness because of His sweet Presence. This holy morning you can draw so close to Purity and Love, that you can feel the cool breeze of the Spirit and hear the sweet Voice of the Saviour.

"Be for a while like little children, for to children much is given. Many a child has a wisdom which the man of experience might envy. Many of the little ones have visions. They dream of worlds beyond the earth, they hear sweet music, and they are led by ministering angels through the Realms of Light. Children often shame their elders by their faith. Adults question why they cannot hear, why they cannot see - and the answer comes back to them that is full of hope - 'seek and ye shall find, listen and ye shall hear'.

"Those who put the things of the world first, catch only the vibrations of the earth. So much has been built up between them and the gifts of the Spirit, it is like a mountain. Yet, even by faith, mountains can be removed.

"Whom do you seek? Where does your ambition lie? Children of the Light, the birth of consciousness to the individual is of such wide and great import that no earth language can portray it. Remember, that in the earth or in some other condition, the birth of consciousness must, and shall, be made the gift of all.

"Out of the sorrow caused by wilfulness; out of the darkness created by doubt, God shall gather that which shall, in time, bring the soul's desire. Man shall be born again. The death of self, and the emerging into Christhood - that is man's holy future, and that is the will of God.

"Feel upon you the Love of the Christ. Read how in the humble home of old, the holy family lived their lives surrounded by much that caused the heart to ache. Read again and again the words which illumine the past and open up the future to you. The birth of the Child in Bethlehem is a symbol of the birth that shall come to you.

"Children, that which you name the 'conditions' in this temple of peace are charged with meaning, charged with power. When the Master draws near, so this one, His servant, feels as if all strength had departed from him. Aye, I am constrained by much because Christ is so close. The words which I would use - so inadequate, so faulty - they appear to be taken from me. This is a symbol of the laying aside of earth tools and drawing to you the tools of the Spirit; for when Christ draws near, then indeed are we each and every one as a little child. In Spirit we kneel before Him; the love that we have for Love silences and holds us, and in the silence, through the pangs, a new birth takes place. We are nearer to God, nearer to Love, nearer to that Perfection which one day we must represent.

"Let not the thought of the coming of Christ in the form of glory or of power hold your minds too much, for that which is all important is taking place now, to-day. Christ walks among you, and those with the faith, those who are willing to work and not to rest, they can see the Christ and feel the Love of the Christ upon them.

"So I entreat you to hold not too much to the thought of the coming of God in all His glory. The earth plane must first be prepared and prepared. The crucifixion must take place before the resurrection can come - the birth of consciousness - which all must experience; but opportunity is to-day, now, and to-morrow - the opportunity to go amongst the blind, the deaf, and the lame spiritually, and to bring them out of their bondage into a new birth, to watch the death struggle of self and to rejoice in the birth of love.

"This is the call to man on that day when you commemorate the birth of the One who should save the world. Cannot you see where I am leading your thoughts? Away from the earth view, away from the earth hopes and aspirations to those aspirations, hopes and desires which are of the Divine within. And the Christ within questions not what tomorrow holds, the Christ within seeks for work to do as the moments fly.

"The Child was born in Bethlehem; the Christ has been born again in the children of the earth. The power of the Holy Spirit descends upon the Christ children and it is theirs to be up and doing. Meditation is sweet; contemplation brings rest to the mind; but the children of the Christ work on, work on.

"So I speak unto you, through the grace of God. Yet when the earth body is no more, it shall be shown unto you the difficulty which was mine this morn to give out the message of the Christ, because the power of the Presence and the sweetness of the Love of Christ came so close, and my desire was to kneel before Him entreating that I might be dumb. Again, this is example and direction to you all. When the Christ draws close and you would sun yourselves under the glory of His Presence, remember that the Christ ever worked on. And you must do the same. Give out the message; forget yourselves; use the peace, the joy and the power for others. Like a cloak it is wrapped around me, but it would be against the will of my Master if I held that cloak for myself alone. It is my part to come amongst you and to give out that which is given unto me. It is the will of the Christ that we hold naught unto ourselves.

"Children, I bless you - seek and ye shall find, but remember that the swiftest way of finding is by working for your fellowmen. Would you have vision? Vision can be yours, but the vision which is restricted to yourself is not the purest vision which you can claim. The vision that shall come to you, children of the Light, shall be vision as to the future of your fellowmen.

"Then all that you have, all that you can gather to you, will be put to one great and sacred purpose: To widen the vision of others so that the birth of consciousness can come to them, so that they too in imagination - so called -can see the Christ, so that they too can feel upon them the rays of His Peace, of His stupendous Love.

"This is the vision which it is God’s will shall be your own. Once more I give out a brief warning about the treasuring of psychic gifts: The gifts of the Spirit can be within the reach of every individual. By service, by working, by hoping, by healing, by constructing, so, little ones, you can draw unto you the power of God Himself. But it is work today and work tomorrow, with faith that the strength shall come.

"I would that you could understand that the one you name Peter and the one you name Paul did the work of the Master in this same way (mediumship). Paul was used by Elijah; Peter was the tool of Moses; through Peter’s body so Moses continued his work. The time is coming when the earth instruments shall be found and when those of old shall come, as I have come today, to give out the message of truth. I go back on my own life upon the earth plane and upon the words that came through me after the Master had made me whole, when I passed through Syria, drawing the bound children into freedom. When the earth body was taken from me, so I was shown who used me. The glorious chain of gold is held by God; each one lends his body to be used by another, higher, nearer to the great ideal.

"The birth of consciousness comes to the individual when he realises that his good thoughts, his beautiful thoughts are inspired by others. How self falls from us when we look back and see the ones who used us, and yet the credit came to us.

"So on this happy Christmas Day I bless you - bless you, little children, with love. There are some who can feel the rays of love upon them; there are some who can see the glorious colours which love throws off as it goes its way; and a cloud of love - forget not this - has life for evermore. Give out your love, and as a rainbow in its tints, so that love-thought travels over the conditions around you and beyond; for love is of God and borrows from the Creator something of the beauty which is His.

"So the blessing on Christmas morning is over you - love for your fellow-beings, love for those you name strangers and aliens, love for those who are bound in conditions beyond the earth plane, love for the messengers of the light, love, above all, for the Saviour Christ, the One Who out of love took on the form of man, laid aside His Godhead and gave all that He had for us.

"The blessing of the Saviour Christ rest upon you, fill your hearts with joy, and the joy shall remain in the degree that you seek to put God first. I bless you with peace.

"The children of all climes, the children of all conditions, they are pressing around you, and they bring with them - ah, what is this? - love and again love, joy and again joy; and as you make their gifts your own, so your consciousness is opened, and so their preparation is advanced.

"Farewell, dear children, but we shall meet again."

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