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An address given by the Christ messenger Zodiac through the deep trance mediumship of Miss Winifred Moyes,
at the Zodiac Circle, 15 Nightingale Square, London, SW12, on Saturday, 3rd March, 1928.

"O Thou who hast given us Life and who seeks to comfort our hearts, to Thee our God, our Christ, we come in gratitude, and we ask Thee to still further draw aside that which veils things spiritual and to allow Thy children to partake of that which Thou hast so lovingly prepared for them.

"Let us, O Father, mindful of Thy promises, never forget to pass on of those promises to others; mindful of all Thy protecting care, let the words which fall from our lips be of reassurance, of hope, of faith and of perfect trust in the working out of the purpose and the plan. Teach us to be Thy disciples in very truth; let us not pause over the lessons, but ever stretch out toward the greater, the higher, and the holier, having won the consciousness that we are Thy children - part of Thee, sharing, in miniature, Thy wonderful gifts - and so must strive to attain something of that perfection which Thou art and will be for ever.

"Oh, give us that strength within which shall defy all the opposing forces, let us be men and women in the God sense, fighting ever, and pledging ourselves anew to rest not but to pass on the Truth which Thou hast given to us.

"Father, for all the benefits received, for Thy guidance and care, we thank Thee with grateful hearts. Amen...

"...My little children, this day to me is a day of joy, and I want you to say, not half-heartedly but with entire conviction, that the brightness of the physical world is a symbol to you, individually, of the brightness which lies in front, of the dawn which comes after the night of weeping, the sunrise after the mists which have shut you in, so it seems, for so long.

"I speak to all who have emerged out of spiritual childhood into the beginning of maturity, and I want those of my children who have studied the Word, who have pondered over Truth as Truth is laid down in the Sacred Record, to be certain that God has in front of them great and mighty things, and in front of the world that which is a cleansing and a purification so that His will on earth may be done.

"You are instruments each one. Some have taken up their tools, and, with joy, have claimed them as their own; others, as it were, hold them in their hands but, as yet, are scarce conscious of the purpose which they must work out.

"I speak to the many, I speak to those attracted to that which has been built up in this little room, and I say to all: That which you have or that which you strive to possess, is wanted for one thing and one alone - to rouse others out of the slough of the past, out of that which is the bondage of self, and to show them what lies in front...

"Oh, my children, around you a mighty warfare is going on and that must be continued until the battle of Christ is won. First you fight for yourselves perchance; then, as greater consciousness is made your own, self is forgotten in the freeing of others. You say not: 'I want to get into higher, purer conditions', but you turn to the one who has no Light, who knows nothing of peace, and out of your compassion so you give of that which you have. Self in the earth sense does not exist, but self in the God sense has got one point nearer to the Saviour of mankind.

"Tonight, little ones, it has been ordained that I speak on that which I name: 'The Battle of Life'.

"And I want you to put aside, for this short time, that which the physical mind has built up, and, as children, to listen to my simple words, for indeed I speak only and solely under the vibrations of the Holy Master, and He has honoured me and you by using us as His instruments.

"Yes, you, this child, and myself, are instruments for His work, for passing on that which has been obscured by the tangles of the physical mind, by the so-called scientists, and by those philosophers who have yet to recognise God, their Creator, the One who supplies the vitality for that mind which denies Him in word and in that written for others to read.

"The battle of life: Children, when I speak thus, immediately you conjure up the toilers, those who have to fight day by day to keep their place amongst others with more ability, who have at their command the tools of the mind which bring the respect of the world. 'Yes', you say to me, to each other: 'Life is a problem; unemployment is rife; there are thousands in this country alone who long for work and cannot find it. Is there anything that you can tell us as to the battle of life? We know its horrors, we have heard many piteous tales; the battle of life is all around us'...

"Little ones, that is but the surface, that is only the point of view which is shown to those who have not studied the Scriptures, who have not pondered on the teaching of the Christ. That battle goes on with a fierceness that appals those who have the priceless gift of understanding. But the battle of life to which I refer is indeed of such deep significance that, in comparison, the struggle that you witness is of no importance.

"Hard words - scarcely would you expect that I, a servant of the Master, would speak thus. But I want to show you what underlies the battle for physical existence, what is God's purpose, what is the holy plan.

"Children, I take you back in thought to that far time when, as sons and daughters of perfection, you started on the long journey of experience. In that time, so, indeed, the warfare was commenced. It sounds to you so far away. This life - with its worries and difficulties, its hopes and its fears - that absorbs your attention. But never forget that yesterday created today, even as today is building up tomorrow.

"Consequences is a law that varies never. The consequences of that first battle in the distant past when you were little less than perfection, that is here today, it was prominent yesterday, and it was still more in evidence the day before.

"What is life - life in the physical garment? To us it is so faint a representation of Life that indeed it is true to say of many: They live even in that which is death, the death of the gifts and powers bestowed by God, the sleeping of memory - spiritual consciousness - that great granary in which is stored the past, the harvest, aye, and the weeds.

"Those who are bound by this little world, whose thoughts are upon pleasure and the satisfying of the garment that they wear - what know they of Life? Indeed, they are as one dead, dead as to the meaning of life, and they represent but the husk of their real selves. Their pride is in what they can do, what they have, the possessions they can tear out of the vibrations at fearful cost to others and still more fearful cost to their greater selves. If you went to such as these and said: 'You are as one dead', they would answer: 'The life that I have is the life that I desire'.

"Now think what that demonstrates. Go back in imagination - which is memory - and think of the battles lost over the long, long past: How the destroyers met the messengers of the Light, but because the individual was on the side of the destroyers so God's angels were forced to withdraw; yet, they returned again and again, but the issue was ever the same.

"The battle of life has gone on from time inconceivable to you; and one day, one day the individual will have to re-trace his steps, in the sense that those experiences must be gone through again and the battle fought to a finish, in God's way.

"My children, in the history of this little country, laid down clearly for all to read, is warfare on the physical side; but even those bound by the world's point of view, in reading the words, are forced to recognise that the spiritual warfare went on all the time, that the physical was but a mere illustration of some gigantic battle which, alas and alas, was lost again and again.

"So, my children, I want you to think not so much regarding yourselves but of those of old, because their lives throw a ray of light over the lives of the ones who suffer today.

"In the time when I was upon the earth plane, there was that which baffles description in words. To you, order has some meaning, that which you name the Law steps in and safeguards the individual. But in my time, the Law was a travesty of right and justice, it was but a tool which the powerful used to work out their own will, which, usually, was in direct opposition to the will of God.

"The people, the masses, they lived, for the most part, on the edge of starvation. Life was cheap. It was a common occurrence for bodies to be gathered up as the sun rose and cast upon that which you would name a rubbish-heap. What of the poor? They were the 'scum' of the earth, many indeed terrible to behold. For starvation brought with it ills of the body, and conditions made it almost impossible for the homeless to escape scourges devastating and loathsome to look upon.

"What of their battle? You say to me: 'How can you call it a battle, they had no chance?' And I answer: That is true from the physical standpoint. They were bred in the dirt, they lived in the dirt, physical death took place in the dirt, and the dirt claimed their bodies in the end. The blind and the lame, those covered with sores, the lepers, the little children who from their earliest days drank tainted water - of what importance were they to Authority? They were a nuisance and an eyesore; they were regarded even as vermin, and the death of a group was hailed as one less annoyance to those who had the possessions of the earth.

"I try ever to take back your thoughts because, and only because, it was in my time - that time of horror, of hardship - that Love chose to come and take up the battle of physical life Himself. Can you, in thinking of the woes of the workers, and the greater woes of those who had no toil to do - can you think of Love in connection with their lot? Ah yes, for indeed the Beloved has taught you Himself. Those were days of selfishness and vice in forms you cannot grasp, and of polluted temples. And the conditions had been built up by the lost battles over the past.

"Those in protected places, they would have judged even as many judge today. They would have said, if they had compassion: 'The battle of life is terrifying to witness, for there are many who have neither shield nor spear, nor even a cloak with which to defend themselves' - the physical standpoint, which can be thrown asunder when you understand something of spiritual laws. These children of God who suffered, they were creating something of power, and though the world may have named them 'failure' and they were cheated and defeated at every turn, yet, this night, thousands of them are gathered here, and they can say with a truth and a gladness impossible to portray: 'The battle is to the brave, the victory comes to those strong in endurance'.

"Oh, my little ones, think of Christ, of His poverty, the many anxieties of that little home, the children which came to the mother so quickly. How about the battle of life which raged around the Child, and which, later on, was to rage with an intense fierceness around the Man, when, from the earth point of view, the battle went to the strong?

"Oh, I implore you to keep a sane outlook upon your lives and the lives of others, for in the Sacred Narrative, there, underlined, on the one side lies the battles of the Spirit and the victories won, and, on the other, the battles of physical life and the defeats which followed with a consistency and a persistency which cause the heart of the reader to quail.

"The world today - after two thousand years of the teaching of the Master, of the example of the Christ - is almost in exactly the same position in its viewpoint as in that time when the Beloved poured forth the stream of Truth. Conditions have altered, that I deny not; but how many, even amongst the teachers and the instructors, are not swayed by those who have earthly power, by those with possessions, by those who are the world's successes? How many of those who call themselves Christians look around and name rightly success and failure?

"No, the earth and its values still holds chief place. And yet the Christ was crucified and those who loved Him were martyred - as you name it - for one thing and one alone: To show to a blinded people that God's way is not man's way, and that the failures of the physical world are the successes in the Father's sight...

"My children, at this stage, as over the past, there is a terrific warfare raging, and the enemies if they cannot force one point then they seek another, for they mean to get through. You may resist them over that which you recognise as temptation, but again and again they creep oh so terribly close, and doubts arise in the physical mind as to expediency, as to that which is practical, you are caught in that most terrible trap of caution.

"Each one, in turn, resists at times, and at times gives to the enemy; yet, you are Christians, children of God, and God is Christ, and His life is laid out before you. A gigantic failure, from the earth point of view, it has brought the greatest blessing that could come to any people in any sphere; for, only through that which is persecution, humiliation, and the death of the lesser self, can the resurrection come; and if the resurrection has not taken place in you, how can the sweeter self in another enter into new birth? You speak and you teach, but your words are as a mockery, for experience is absent and example is not at hand.

"I want you, dear children, to consider these grave and serious words, not in a sad way but in a way that brings the fullest reassurance. When others - the worldly-wise - seek to guide you, when those in your surroundings say: 'You should not' or 'You must not', when the voice of expediency makes you hesitate and you put off doing today that which God directs, thinking that perhaps tomorrow it will be more convenient, that conditions will be better - then the enemy has won that time, and he means to win again if you are off your guard.

"The worldly-wise, the cynics, those who are chained to self, what is their gospel? As it was in the past so it is today and so it will be tomorrow: 'Be practical, think of the future, remember those others who have done the same as you desire to do!' And you listen, and you reject, but misgiving draws close and you seek to tread the middle course; but the middle course is but a branch road to that which leads away from Christ...

"Oh, my children, the love that I have for you all constrains me to speak, for indeed I see the battle which is being raged around your lives. To be practical in the earth way is to be most unpractical in the way of the Spirit. Those who walk between the hedges of caution, find, at the end of the road, that instead of it leading out on to the plane of revelation, they are down in the valley, for the valiant heart was missing and they trusted God only in the tiniest part.

"And if there are those - and there are many - calling themselves Christians, who argue thus, if they speak to you in these tones, then send them back to the Sacred Record, to that which they profess to follow. There, in facts which can now be viewed in their right perspective, so the way of the pilgrim is shown, so is the illustration of the disciples, so the life of the Beloved gives lie to all their arguments, to that which looks so feasible under the 'light' which is the darkness cast by the physical world.

"The battle of life is to the brave, the toilers, the man and the woman who struggles on, beset by anxiety, perchance over the little ones in their care; the woman who hopes, the man who prays - they seem to lose, but how immeasurably they gain you cannot understand until the veil is rent in twain.

"Oh, keep your eyes upon the Christ, shrink not from responsibility, turn not from the steep hill; for, if you do, you lose, the battle goes to those forces of destruction who watch and wait for your unguarded moment.

"The battle of life: Life in its extensive, unlimited sense, the life which was given unto you in the far, far past, a treasure, something holy, of that same perfection as the Lord God of all, and that life can only be preserved by that which God endures Himself. Oh, forget not that in each struggle, each temptation, each failure as well as in each success, so God partakes, for that which you have and are is of Him, and how can the Source separate Itself from that which is given forth?

"The battle of life must go on. Enemies, not only of the earth plane but of a thousand planes, must be met and overcome - if not one day then another. For how can you be a victor if the battle is not fought? How can God give you of His strength if weakness only is shown?

"This is the truth, the truth which the Master illustrated by the pangs He bore - aye, by the poverty He endured, by the toil, by the self-sacrifice, not only by the temptation in the wilderness. The wilderness must be passed through, but many conquer in the wilderness yet fail when they are in the Garden; and if they conquer in the Garden, sometimes they fail when faced with the Cross.

"The Beloved passed through a torture impossible to be expressed; for, through the release of the Divine within, so that One, plunged into a world of sin, aye, where the destroyers had gained a power which could not be wrested from them, the Beloved - at the mercy of evil thought, as well as the suffering which was all around - He fought the battle of life, and was the only One who fought His adversaries until He conquered.

"Upon the Cross so the scoffers and the worldly-wise named Him a 'failure', yet in that hour came not only the victory over self, but indeed that power which should draw the children of men out of the valley into the Light which never fades, into the Love which has no ending, into revelation as to who they are and from whence they came...

"Keep your vision clear. Remember that these days are urgent, that there is - at this moment - a spiritual warfare going on between the angels of God and the forces of destruction. God wants instruments - more instruments - those with the brave hearts, those with a sane outlook, those who are not content to be deceived and to deceive others, those who have the courage to go back on that Narrative concerning the life of the Master and the direction He laid down, and to put them into practice as Christians - not as 'Christians' who want to follow in comfort, encircled by that which ministers to the mind and ameliorates the conditions surrounding the body. These, when sight comes, will be horrified at the lost battles over the past, and they will not have the excuse: 'I did not know', for Christ showed the Way, beat out the Way, and has safeguarded the Way for His children to follow after (John 14:6).

"Oh, little ones, cannot you see, by that which you desire to do, that, indeed, not only have you taken on many battles, but you are assured of victory if you keep close to Christ? Cannot you find within deep gratitude to God that He has enabled you, at this same day, to look back over what has been? And by your struggles now, you have the infinite comfort that though many battles in the past may have been lost, yet, again, many were won, and today something of revelation is made your own.

"You are conscious of the precious gift within your reach; you are a custodian of that which cannot die. Tomorrow and in the tomorrows to come, so by your dedication, by taking up the cross with as much willingness as you can muster, you are making it certain that the precious jewel within, in time, will be freed from its many coverings, and, in its glory, shall not only bear some resemblance to God and His Holiness, but indeed, out of its lustre, out of its light, out of its power, create in darkened places a beauty that the bonded ones will see and strive to make their own.

"My children, how honoured are you, how many blessings have descended upon you, how great is your destiny, how wonderfully kind has been your Father and Mother God.

"You have your direction, you can tear off the flimsy covering which the world casts over the rottenness beneath, you can raise your eyes from the treasures of the earth and fix them on the treasures of the Spirit, and know that out of that which comes to you now which you mould into God's most beneficent purpose - out of that, so, indeed, you are not only bringing the treasures of the Spirit nearer to your grasp but, joy upon joy, you are creating those treasures for others.

"Under the great Architect you are contributing to the next stage and the next stage beyond; under the great Bestower you are giving of your little gifts to sweeten and beautify other realms; under the Christ you are giving out from the Divine within that holiness which makes possible life in those finer conditions which, indeed, are your Eternal Home...

"And so, my children, I leave you, but I ask you to pursue that which I have outlined: 'The Battle of Life'; to pray that no subtle reasoning may blur your true vision of things real and lasting, that you will ever go back to the Sacred Record and balance and verify your conclusions by that which the Master taught Himself; and thus find yourself one span farther on the long journey, the journey which brings you back to God in that perfection which indeed expresses battles won, enemies overcome, and peace within and love without. And now I go..."

(Others then spoke...)


"...Brothers and sisters, it is Greatheart - you name me Greatheart but I was the one who was honoured to carry the Cross (Matt.27:32, Luke 23:26, Mark 15:21). This night, I am sent by the Master on a little mission, and the God of us all has given many missions to this one who was and is His servant.

"My child (Miss Cochrane Beedie), I would speak to you just in passing. In the words of the one you name Zodiac, you have found much explanation of that which your life holds at this stage. You have said, and at times evidence has appeared upon your side: 'Is it possible that the great and holy ones are conscious of our physical needs, of that which the body must have if life is to be maintained?'

"Under the Christ I speak, for, when I trod the earth way, I was a man of the people, and had it not been for the muscles of my arms and body, so Simon would have starved among the rest. In those days it was a battle in very truth. The man who could lift a heavier weight than the other, he was used and the other was kicked aside. The man who could work from sunrise until the darkness of the night, that man earned his bread, but the one who fell at noon, he neither earned his bread nor did he receive payment for that which he had done.

"I speak the truth. In my time, the battle was to the strong of body, the man who could stand the whip and still work on, the man who could work through the heat of a sun that blinded and sickened, the man who could hold on while others let go. We dragged the stones, we were as beasts of burden, and, if we slipped, the whip fell upon our shoulders.

"Child, I speak thus for a purpose. Thou hast suffered, but hast thou suffered as I suffered, and did I suffer as much as my fellow-beings suffered? Ah no, I was a strong man and I escaped much because of that. What of the weak of body? What of the weak of will? What of the weak of mind? Thou hast three gifts - a strong body, an able mind, and a determined will. Wherefore grieve? The Father has you under His tender care, and if I came in this wise and condoled, I should be denying spiritual truth; I come to congratulate, and, in the Name of God, I bid you put faith to the test.

"And now to the others I would address a few words, for this is part of my mission. Brothers and sisters, canst understand my thoughts as I trudged along as the Master went to His torture? I knew Authority; was I not as a beast of burden under Authority? I stood with the crowd and I saw the Cross that I had carried. And, children, as I stand in your presence, once more the Cross is felt by me, and so long as I wore the garment of flesh never for one second, sleeping or waking, did I lose the touch of the Cross.

"When I stood with the crowd and watched the dying agonies of the One who had looked upon me with a love and a kindness so strange that I could not understand, what think you as to Simon's thoughts? In that day the hearts of many were broken, but out of our broken hearts so resolution arose, and it dies not away though that resolution was beset by much.

"The battle which was fought on that which you name: 'The Day of Calvary', that battle was won by those who loved the Master, and, out of His great Heart and the mercy given, so Simon can name himself among such as these...

"I stood with the crowd, and it seemed to me that the strength which was mine had turned into weakness, the tears coursed down my cheeks, I trembled like a babe; but out of that seeming weakness so spiritual strength was born.

"Time passed and suffering came close to me, as to them all. The Cross, though I felt it close, that was not my portion, but, in that far-off time, there were many forms of torture, and the destroyers showed an ability which was amazing in its fertility, as you would name it, to bring agony to the garment that was worn.

"I leave it there, yet I would underline that, even in those days, sufficient consciousness had come which told me that though the price was heavy it must be paid in full; and, again, though the price might be heavy yet indeed the exchange was worth it all and more. Even before the physical garment was cast aside, I was able to look at pain and smile, for the Master was very near to us in those same days, and as we thought on Him, so ourselves and what the present held, passed away.

"My message to you all is but to underline that fools may speak in other tones - and there are those who, down the ages, have turned others from the Cross. But in this room tonight in all its glory is the Cross, not the Cross of wood but the Cross of Light, and in the Cross is the image of the Master, a symbol of reassurance to you all. Farewell..."

(When all had spoken, Zodiac returned and continued...)

"...My children, I want you to remember that the little maid who spoke under the power of the Holy Spirit, that that little one is a symbol not only of what each one once represented, but also is a symbol of the loveliness of child-life; aye, and again, of the battles which, in the past, have been fought and overcome.

"The babies here are as the flowers of God. They bloomed on earth for a short span alone, not their fault but indeed the fault of those who had gone before. The little ones have had their battles in the past, they have faced fearful odds; but in this stage so they commence again that which is childhood, and they must grow up.

"But the only way to grow, the only way to emerge out of immaturity is by struggle, by allying yourself with someone who has greater difficulties to contend with than you have, by being linked to another who needs your help, your guidance, perchance your protection. Never forget that that spiritual law is worked out in regard to you. You struggle, so it seems, but others, stronger, more experienced still, are fighting with you, and God is in command.

"So we turn to the Source of All-Strength, so we acknowledge the Comforter, the gift of the Holy Spirit, so we thank our Father and Mother God who seeks to show us how to be parents, how to be guardians, how to bring on the young and to teach them, in turn, to be parents themselves.

"The law of the Spirit: The strong prizes his strength only so it may help the weak, and the strong turns ever to the Source, knowing that without Christ he would be as the weakest and the frailest himself.

"And so, my children, I bless you with the will to guide and help others to grow. Remember ever that the only way to bring that which is growth to yourself, to give release to the Divine within, is the Way so lovingly illustrated by the Master, who taught us as the children we are, who safeguarded us from follies innumerable, who presented to us, by example, the Cross - our support, our anchor in time of needs...

"I bless you with close communion, with fellowship Divine with the One who loves you best. Farewell."

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