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Jesus and The Zodiac Messages
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The Zodiac Messages
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An address given by the Christ messenger Zodiac through the deep trance mediumship of Miss Winifred Moyes,
at the Zodiac Circle, 15 Nightingale Square, London, SW12, on Saturday, 12th February, 1927.

"Understanding Mind of Love, we enter into the Silence, and we commit ourselves into Thy care. We ask Thee to strengthen that which is of Thyself within; we ask Thee to bring consciousness of the freedom of the Spirit, apart from physical things, and while we ask we strive ourselves to break our bonds.

"O Christ, let us learn from Thee. Laying aside Thy power and Thy Godhead, as man - cabined in the body, restricted as those on earth are restricted - Thou didst demonstrate to all, that holiness is possible, that strength is possible, that achievement is possible, when God is in command...

"Father, Thou knowest how those of Thy little ones are conscious of their weakness. Grant that tonight a great wave of strength may catch them up out of their frailty and establish them forever in the light, in the joy, in the peace which is of Thee. Amen...

"...My children, again we meet, yet if I imply that we meet only in this way, then you can turn to me and exclaim with truth that the laws of the Spirit - instead of being a guide and a support to you on earth - that the laws of the Spirit work not in harmony with Love.

"So to each one I say that they belong to me and I belong to them, and that we both belong to the One who loves us best. And while I speak thus I would answer the query which has been put to you by readers of this record of simple Truth - that query: 'Am I a child of Zodiac as well?'

"Little ones, and I gather the many into my love - how can I explain to you that long ere that thought took form in the mind of the body, in the Spirit we had communed together; aye, and more than that, as to a friend so such as these turn to me, and as my great gift I pass on something of the wisdom of the Most High to them. I say to all wherever they may be, that if they have felt one flicker of feeling for the one who speaks in this way, whose words they read, that that fragment of feeling is but an indication of the great wide love and sympathy there is between us; and I say that they belong to me and I belong to them, linked together by Christ our Lord and Saviour.

"But, tonight, dear children, we have work to do, and, as you have been told, I speak upon the subject which at the time is the most necessary, taking into account the needs of the majority; but the plan of these evenings was framed before the physical life of you, my little ones, was commenced. So send your thoughts to God, for His great and mighty provision, for His tenderness, for His complete appreciation of the incidents of daily life.

"This evening, dear children, because we are workers, I would speak to you on that which I will name: 'God's Truth on Earth'.

"And I want you to open the doors of your physical mind and to allow something of the brightness of wisdom to shine in and to fold you in its glory, for that is God's will in regard to His little ones.

"Children, over the past as I have told you before, there have been the teachers and there have been the pupils; aye, and when a little space has passed, lo, the pupil, having learnt himself, passes on the lesson to another younger in experience, weaker - in the sense that the spirit within has not awakened from its sleep. Yes, and today, as always, there are the teachers and the pupils, and again there are those others who have not arrived at that state of maturity when they can learn. But God's Truth waits for us all.

"God's Truth on earth: What does it represent at this time? My little ones, as it were, it is as a patch of sunlight on some far distant hill, and those who look upon it, afar off, they feel that there on the hill they might feel the warmth and the beauty of the Love of God; but countless thousands are in the valley, countless thousands must work, and though their eyes, with longing, go to the sunlight of the hill, the needs of today are pressing, the responsibilities of physical life, they cannot be neglected.

"That is the surface aspect to you at this stage bound, and, it seems to you, with very little sight at all. But I want you, tonight, to see how you stand in regard to Truth; and I want those teachers of the young, those preparers of the middle-aged, to go back on their record and to think within themselves: 'What have I done towards unveiling the Truth of God?'

"Children, in that far-off time when the Redeemer came amongst men, He chose as His instruments - as the custodians of the Good News which God intended that man should make his own - He chose those who had staying power.

"Now this is a most important point. In all ages and particularly today, there are the criticisers, there are those who, in reviewing the young amongst them, or in perusing those words penned by the ones with able minds - who have said: 'This man is a leader; that woman is a constructor; this is a boy of promise, that is a girl who will go far!' They judge very largely from the earth standard of efficiency; and I would ask those who have thought thus, to commune with themselves and to question whether they would have chosen those whom the Master decided were suitable tools to be used for His sacred work...

"I think, dear children, that the majority will agree that they would have passed over them all, that they would have sought the one experienced in that which appertains to religious life, they would have rather put their choice on the man with the trained mind, with the wide experience, with a comprehensive knowledge of the world and the things of the earth. But Our Lord, in looking on the crowd, He chose those with the staying power.

"Yet, dear children, you say to me: 'What signs did they show of that staying power?' Little ones, the religious instinct, the capacity for holding the mind, in a measure, free from earthly things; that ability to seek out a teacher who has something to tell which gives food for thought; these things, slender though they may be, are as a sign of the evolving soul.

"And mark you this: That there are many so placed, who penetrate into knowledge and into those aspects which are coupled with Religion; they explore but they forget to soar. And because their travels, their mental excursions, take them not up but, rather, gather to them the knowledge of the things around them and the things beneath them, so, dear children, when the physical life is o'er and sight comes, they are numbered amongst the disappointed, they were so near the Truth and yet so far.

"Here and there a humble one, bound by a thousand chains, and ignorant of the knowledge of the earth, here and there you find that such a one instinctively tries to soar. And I want to emphasise that the man or the woman - aye, or the little child who wonders as to her Gentle Jesus - that these, though they know it not, are contributing precious fragments towards the foundation of Truth on earth; Truth on earth, now veiled by the thoughts of man, by the lack of aspiration, and, above all, by that physical desire for comfort.

"Children, it seems many years to you since those you name the disciples stamped on time forever the name of Christ. You can appreciate that if the Beloved had come amongst His children, had preached and taught and had died on the Cross, and there were none to follow after, that all the beauty, all the wonder of that perfect Life, would have been lost to posterity. Yes, and the ones He chose, they too could never have been loved by you, could never have made history in the way they did if, if they had been unwilling to take the difficult path.

"There are those on earth - in thinking of this great gift of (Spirit) communion which has been given to the seekers, to the knockers, to those who strive - who have said within themselves: 'Yes, enthusiasm in the first stage, but wait, it will die away, and we shall hear no more of that which now means so much'. And they think they are wise. They go back on their experience: It was the same with this and the same with that. But they have forgotten one big point which alters the whole aspect - the mighty miracle which has been wrought upon the spirit within. They have forgotten that those who believe it is God's will that love should not be divided, that those who believe that God has not shut the gate of wisdom and understanding, that these - though they may have faltered - have given out of themselves, have suffered, have tried to rise; and the effect of this has done what nothing else could do - it has enabled the spirit within, in a degree, to take command.

"My children, in regard to God's Truth on earth, those who are willing to suffer, those who are willing to forego some of the comforts of physical life, these have purchased that which shall never be taken from them, and God gives in a way too generous for you to understand.

"But tonight, I am instructed to speak in a wider measure and to put on record that which is Truth in the inward parts. Again I say to the thinkers - to the believers and the unbelievers: Go back on the past to those who followed after the Crucified One, and compare life of that day with the conditions which are your own. Is it not apparent that if the faithful few had not acted, had not worked, had not suffered, then today there would be no Light upon this little earth, for the darkness of self would have closed in all?

"Again I remind them of those whom they name the martyrs, the pilgrims on the long journey home to God. Many sang as they passed out of the twilight into the Light; they praised God even as their torturers did their dreadful work. And the result, little ones, the result is that today Christ's presence on earth is recognised, though perhaps some forget that He walks among them in their daily life.

"Yet, dear children, I know that there are those who exclaim: 'But such as these were great ones, mighty ones, not as ourselves'. Children, those who followed after Christ and carried His Truth were not only the same as you here and those who read these records, but from a physical point of view they could be termed far less suitable tools, by the reason of their environment and upbringing. Those who gained the strength to persist in Christ's holy Mission, those who defied authority and preached the Truth to all who would listen, these were very humble people, aye, many had child-like hearts, with no opportunity of developing the tools of the mind.

"What distinguished them from the majority? My little ones, their staying power. And what was beneath the staying power? Again, little ones, I remind you that they were willing to suffer a little now for the sake of the joy to come. It has ever been thus when the radiance of God's Truth has been revealed to man. And when those teachers and instructors turned their eyes from the hard to the easy, demanding this for the mind and that for the body, then plainly for all to see, the beauty of Christ was veiled from the sight of the toilers, the so-called ignorant people. The shepherd had forgotten his sheep, had gone back to his comforts, leaving the hillside unsealed and the valley unprotected.

"Oh, think this out, for one day these facts must be faced by all. There is that which you name the history of your little world. You can read for yourselves that the Spirit of God at times shone brightly upon this little earth, and, again, it was obscured, if not lost altogether from sight. And why? Because the custodians of the Truth were not willing to contribute their share in effort, in that which is essential for the emancipation, for the release of the Divine within...

"Children, if the spirit of the martyrs, if the staying power of the disciples, had only been passed down through the ages - persistently, consistently - so today sorrow as the earth knows it would be unknown.

"The resting stages are the dangerous stages - the pausing, the living on the efforts of others, the holding on to that measure of Truth which those others, through suffering, brought as a gift to the world. This love of ease, this ignoring of responsibility - it has to be worked out in their own day and in many days to come.

"They took but they forgot to give; they acclaimed the actions of others but were unwilling to emulate those actions themselves; they said for all to hear: 'How great a man was this one, how strong, how pure; let us give honour where honour is due'. But their admiration has left no sign behind, for they forgot to give of themselves, to follow these great examples, to put into action that admiration which claimed their minds... So man deceives himself, and so the damage is done.

"Those who have read the words of the Sacred One, who have pondered over the life of the Beloved, these, when they are free, will be unable to find excuse for their lack of doing, for their inability to construct, for their unwillingness to suffer in order to contribute their mite to the great treasure-house of wisdom so sorely needed by those on earth.

"God's Truth - unlimited, with aspects impossible for you to grasp at this stage - God's Truth and His mighty wisdom is waiting, waiting to be uncovered to man; but the only way of withdrawing the veil is by dedication, by the offering up of the body and the mind, when the spirit, in a measure, can control.

"Oh, think you to yourselves - the waste of time. Think you to yourselves what might have been done if - ah, my children - if those who followed after the disciples of the Holy One, if they had been willing to suffer one quarter of what they suffered, for Christ's sake.

"Think of it and let the wisdom within not only instruct but guide you in the future, for the redemption of the world has been hindered, has been thwarted, because those who knew God forgot the examples of such as these; those who read their sacred words forgot that speech which is not put into action is a denial of the Truth itself. They forgot that in holding up as illustration the lives of those who had suffered, that in the measure that they were unwilling to suffer themselves, they were treacherous to the God within.

"And so, dear children, we come to today, to those instruments of God who are being used by Him to teach and to train others. What are they doing? What are they constructing? One day they must go back over the incidents of their physical life, and then it will be anguish or joy, horror or comfort within...

"God's Truth waits - waits for us to do our part; waits for us because only effort and striving can unveil that which is Holiness itself. The Holiness within - Holiness in miniature, it may seem to you - that is the link: The Truth within, so restricted, yet it is the key which opens the door into wisdom; and without your tools, without your equipment, you are as the unprepared instrument, and time must elapse before you can do your part.

"I speak to all; I speak to those who have long since laid the body aside, and I tell them - instructed by the One who loves them best - that they can retrieve the past, that they can make good that which was missing; they can send power to those on earth so that these may be willing to strive a little more, to suffer a little more, aye, to find within the staying power, which, dear children, makes your protection complete...

"God's Truth on earth - where are the volunteers? Where are those with the pioneer spirit, who will face facts, who will say to themselves: 'How does my life compare with the lives of the disciples of Christ?' And if they would answer me: 'I am not called upon to do as they - conditions are different, peace is established, and Christ is recognised even by the State', then I answer them that the resting stages are the dangerous stages; that they are called upon to contribute their portion, not to rest on the efforts of others, not only to preach the example of others, but to put into action the lesson which that example teaches...

"And those who watch and those who listen, because the example in life is before them, they too - in little ways perhaps - they too will strive, and the time will come when the spirit, rejoicing in its freedom, will take control, and they as well will be examples, illustrations of love for God in action; love for God which has passed out of the passive into the active, which is willing to give and not only to take.

"And all the time - unconsciously though it may be to them - the veil between man and God's Truth is being drawn further and further aside, and the day will come when the children on earth will look out of themselves - out of their restrictions, out of their own hopes and fears and disappointments - will look towards that which is God's Truth. The body no more will cause them distress, and the mind no more will act as a brake on the wheel of endeavour; for in looking at Christ, in making that contact between the Divine within and the Divine without, their joy, their peace, will be complete...

"My little ones, that which you name Civilisation has brought its good, but again I point out that the enemies of the Light have used the comforts of physical life, the appliances, the many inventions, to take away from man his capacity to fight, aye, and to endure. It cannot be denied that even the ameliorations of physical life have been used, instead of to bring the blessing God intended, to weaken the instrument which He must use.

"Pain… 'We must escape from it'. Effort… 'Why should we try?' Striving… 'But rest is so sweet'. Building… 'Why, others have done it better before'. And so the two voices go on, and so the brightness of God's Love is not revealed to man...

"Oh, think you, my little ones, yet let not sadness claim your thoughts. Because you have suffered, because you wish you could suffer more willingly than you do, so you shall see when you pass hence, that you contributed your mite to the great treasure-house of God's Truth on earth. You gave, although perhaps it seems little to you, but the balance is held thus - that you gave as well as took.

"Let my words pass from this room - aye, and beyond this little earth - for there are thousands sorrowing over that which they made their own, and over that which they extricated themselves from during the physical stage. To all I speak. I say: Look up, for God is greater than you understand, and He has provided that it is never too late - never too late.

"Yet, turn not in despair from the gigantic task in front, but look around and see the glorious throng willing to help, willing to guide, willing to hold you when you seem to fall... Words from my heart, so serious in their nature, yet so charged with hope, so illuminated by the Love of Christ.

"Give, give, give, and make good that which you took and forgot to return. Give out of your darkness and it shall be twilight; give out of your twilight and it shall be dawn; give out of your dawn and receive the gift of the Light which never fades. Climb and look not back on the valley; climb and keep your eyes upon the goal, which is achievement, which is the battle won. Climb, for Christ has called you and He waits for your response...

"Little children, one day, when the body is forgotten, I will take you back upon this evening and you shall see sights which shall amaze even the mind of the spirit. You shall see a mighty moving amongst a countless throng; you shall see God's Love in action once again, and your hearts will bound with joy; for you too have given to those who forgot to give themselves; who gave nothing that was constructive, but rather of that which damaged the Truth which appertained in their little day. You will see, because God's Love controls us all, that those others tonight learnt their first lesson of giving and not taking, and the possibility of doing mighty things.

"And so I bring you back to the daily round, to the trials and the disappointments, the troublesome bodies and that which causes the heart to ache; and I tell you once more that you belong to God; I tell you once more that you are instruments of the Holy One; and there - there your explanation lies, there your treasure lies, there your priceless possession is laid out for you to see. You are carrying your cross; and if you remind me how oft you would lay that cross aside, then I answer: The staying power is there. The staying power which bids you, though you drop it, seize it once again; and that staying power shall take you into the Promised Land, into your real Home, into the citadel of God's Love...

"And now, my little ones, I will leave you, but I want this night to be one of joy, of reunion, and of a further strengthening of the ties of love between you and those who are free. And, above all, to be an evening when you saw and you felt a little more of God's Truth, a little more of what it all means, a little further out of the physical into the spiritual; yes, that this night has, in degree, given you that which is a revelation of the purpose and the plan. And now I go..."

(Others then spoke...)

(Once of the Psycho-therapeutic Institute)

"...It's Lonsdale, Mrs. Moyes, and as you can guess I have come for a purpose. I want to talk tonight - only a few words - about these bodies of ours, because it is no use ignoring the fact that they have a way of dashing the cup of happiness from our lips, and of pushing afar off those things which are the desire of the heart.

"Yes, the physical body is prone to much, and, as a healer, I had to study it, not so much scientifically as intuitionally. You know what I mean. The doctor, the man of science, as the result of years of study, he understands symptoms through the mental state, and his experience is intensely valuable - intensely valuable. At times, of course, his diagnosis is wrong - no one is infallible, but I should be the last one to underline that doctors are not infallible; they do a mighty work. But, as you will remember, I got at my knowledge of the ills and the pains and the disturbances of the body, in quite a different way, and, you will add, in a very effective way.

"Sensitives - which I suppose we must call ourselves - all 'sensitives' trust rather to sensation and feeling than to deduction. It has its dangers and it has its great advantages; again, no one is infallible. Where the danger comes is in this: An inexperienced instrument, or an instrument who hasn't observed the laws which govern the spiritual body - in other words, who is not in touch with God...

"To those who don't understand it seems curious - impossible perhaps they would say - to go up to a stranger and to put your hands like this, say, a foot away from the body, and to be able to tell where the trouble lies. To a sensitive it is a simple thing. The moment we've penetrated the vibrations of the patient, we are conscious of a certain discomfort - a sense of suffocation perhaps or a twinge in the side. And because we are willing to place reliance in the God we serve, we say: 'My dear fellow, your heart's a bit out of order', or 'You've been working too hard'. We can feel nerves... I hope I'm not boring you.

"I want to talk quite generally, but there are those who will know why I have come. You remember, Mrs. Moyes, that I was pretty successful with the soldiers, some damaged seriously and grievously when they were passed into my hands. At times - I confess it - I marvelled at my audacity in attempting to rebuild such a shattered nervous organism, and the alarming results which went with it. But those are extreme cases. What I want to say tonight is this:

"Men and women today, are living in rather strenuous times, but I don't want that word to be confused with the roar of the traffic or the speed of business life. There is a different kind of strain which is the result of the gathering together of forces for the struggle which lies in front. And there are thousands, sensitive men and sensitive women, who are conscious of changes in themselves - changes for the worse, so they think.

"I want you to think of the nervous system like this: As the brightest steel - I can see it as well as feel it - and on this highly, highly polished steel, something has been dropped. At first the speed of the physical machine, which has been working smoothly, is scarcely impeded; but, as it were, there are more spots and more spots, and the time comes when it slows down and the physician says: 'Your nerves have gone to pieces'. But I say that it has nothing to do with the nerves themselves.

"What has happened is this: That something from the outside, antagonistic, fretting to the nature of the bright steel which represents the nerves, that that has been doing the mischief, and the owner of the machine didn't wake up until too late - too late, of course, to stop the outward and visible slowing down.

"Now what we've got to do is this - and I know what I am talking about, for I've done it thousands of times when in the body - that bright steel has got to be kept clear and clean, but it can't be done at once.

"In the first place, nerves, because they register sensitiveness, are very closely attached to the soul-body; part of the physical equipment may be, but the effect of our nerves is on the next body. I mean that although the actual nerve itself is gone, the sensitiveness of the nerve is preserved. For we were once very highly sensitive beings; we got cruder and cruder, denser and denser, but the time comes when we've got to get back and represent the sensitive instrument which God created...

"But I want to be practical. In regard to the nervous troubles of young people especially, there is only one cure, and that is opening of the physical self to the Love of God. Like all perfect cures - apparently simple, but extremely difficult to put into action.

"I want to speak quite generally on this subject, for there are many today, highly evolved souls, who, as they call it, are hampered and hindered and irritated by nervous troubles.

In the first place, as you've been told before, sensitiveness, even with its great disadvantages, is a step forward.

In the second place, we've got to remember it was given and was meant for one purpose - to contact with finer vibrations than in the physical world.

In the third place, unless a certain amount of suffering is entailed, no one is in a sufficiently prepared state to contact with those holier vibrations.

"And then there is this point which clinches the whole thing: That we are Spirit, that we are not reaching out to something which is foreign and, because it is foreign, unwise; we are only trying to get back a little of the wonderful gift we once possessed. And although perhaps some people will think I'm old-fashioned, I'd like to say that prayer is a wonderful healer of torn and tattered nerves - a wonderful healer and a wonderful cleaner as well...

"You see, we are only following instinct when we turn to God. We know so little about ourselves, and even what we know we cannot apply. But God is our Father; and as a little child with some slight wound would go to the one she loved and, by sympathy, gain a definite comfort which, in turn, is a still more definite healing, so we are asked to go to God - just as children. And when we ask Him to heal us not to say: 'But I don't think you can do it, for the damage has been done'. No, just as a child - the mother kisses the little finger - so simple; but if you had freed sight you would see a miracle at work - the miracle of love and the power behind love.

"So it is with God. We pray: 'Father, we are so unworthy yet we are your children. Teach us how to help ourselves'. And God not only teaches but He sends into the vibrations a healing stream from Himself. We struggle, we can't contact with it, it eludes us, and we despair. But the right way again is the 'staying power', just the holding on to faith, keeping in touch with Divine Love, and hey presto! we are whole again...

"That's all. At least it is the first word of, well, an unending narrative, which I should love to give you; but we are such friends, we are so in touch that these few words are only as the frontispiece of all we've said together and planned together, during those hours when you are free (asleep).

"Goodnight, Mrs. Moyes; and be careful over the little things. You've got plenty of vitality, take care of it, don't abuse it; it is God's gift. Be careful over the little things in regard to your health, because a healthy body means a speeding up of the wheel of this work, and an unhealthy body acts as a break. You are going to be better (bad chill), but remember that God's gift of health is like something we've borrowed, and we've got to keep it safe to the best of our ability. The enemies of the physical, they may be troublesome, but we win every time, and we like to feel we have left no stone unturned to help the body... ...No, that gives a wrong impression. That's better, Dorrie.

"Goodnight, and I'm sorry I've stayed so long, but I think that you (addressing one of the others) will find in a little while that there is a change, a change for the better, and it can be maintained.


(Note: In addition to his success with nerve cases, Mr. Lonsdale was able to detect hidden growths or malformations. His clear vision was so developed that he 'saw' the history of the trouble, describing accidents or incidents that had happened years before, which the patient had not connected with the complaint.)

(When all had spoken, Zodiac returned and continued...)

"...Well, my children, I am not going to keep you longer tonight, but ere we part in this sweet way, I would remind you as to this: What is Truth? Truth is Love - and if you find on earth under the guise of Holiness that which does not come up to the highest conception of Love, then you can be certain that it is only true in part.

"This applies to all things, all words, even the Sacred Record itself. Truth is Love, and God's Love cannot be measured by the mind of man. God is our Father and we are His little children, so protected, so longed for, so inexplicably bound to Him; and each pang that touches us, finds its full response in the Perfect Mind of Love.

"Your troubles, the conditions of your daily life, perhaps they fail to call out from those around you due appreciation, but with Christ such a lack cannot be. You are of Him and He is within you, in your joys, in your sorrows, in your temptations, and in your defeats. For, my children, is it not when weariness assails you, when the enemies feel too strong that you need your Protector most? And there is Christ, replenishing, renewing, recharging, and it is upward and onward because no rest can be found except in that link with Him...

"Oh, remember that you once were perfect; remember that all your thoughts, all your ambitions, everything which represented yourself, was pure as God is pure. The spirit within has maintained that purity, that holiness, and that love.

"And you, my little ones, are in the training stages, the stages of preparation, so that in time to come the real you alone will remain. All that which is not perfect will be cast from you, and, as a child of God, gifted with powers inconceivable to the mind of the body, you will share not only in that which God represents, but out of your many gifts you will act, in miniature, as a giver, passing on from the Source that which you possess yourself, so that others may come back into their heritage, into purity, into that love which only expresses the spirit within...

"I bless you, dear children, with comfort, with understanding, and with the desire to rise whatever the cost. And as the blessing comes upon you so I see joy, achievement, and the final gift of peace - for to those who wish for the highest and the best, God gives that which is of Himself.

"Goodnight, my little ones. Rest in peace, peace, peace."

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