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A brief biography of Miss Winifred Moyes

Miss Winifred Moyes

Miss Winifred Moyes

Perhaps only those who were closest in the work could truly judge the remarkable gift of mediumship possessed by Miss Moyes, and the sensitiveness which enabled her to be used by Zodiac. Suffering from ill-health from the age of ten, when she was eventually used as an instrument by Zodiac, her weak physical body was compensated for by an iron will and a determination which forced the body to do the bidding of the Spirit. Such was her state of health that there were many times when Spirit Power alone enabled Zodiac to control his instrument and deliver his message. The strength of Miss Moyes lay in her implicit faith in the Christ power around her. Zodiac's first act on "taking control" was to place his medium under the protection of the Cross on the altar with upstretched arms and using the invocation: "Saviour Christ, into Thy hands I commend the spirit of this Thy child".

Miss Moyes dedicated her gift of mediumship entirely to Zodiac's work. How closely she was attuned to the higher vibrations of Zodiac is shown in the perfection of the messages given. They are given in purity, unobstructed by the physical mind.

Miss Moyes was told by Spirit that she must give up her office work because she would be too weak to be used by Zodiac, and so having handed in her resignation wondered how she was going to make ends meet. However, her spirit was strong, and Miss Moyes made great personal sacrifices travelling around the country on a weekly basis, often in great physical pain, and the Greater World gained a sure foothold in the material plane. Miss Moyes wrote in June 1933: "Had it not been for Spirit power, I should not now be in the body. At times I still suffer great pain, yet the loving protection of the Great Father is demonstrated constantly through the guides, for although I have not had a holiday for five years and work 14 to 16 hours a day, I find that 'His grace is sufficient for me', and every year I am getting stronger".

Zodiac always gave his addresses with the medium in the trance state. Mediumship which can be used to bridge the earthly and the heavenly conditions is one of God's greatest gifts to mankind. Miss Moyes possessed this gift in outstanding measure, and she used it in the way that God intended all the gifts of the Spirit to be used, namely: to bring the light of the Spirit into the darkness of the material world. In ordinary life, the psychic or mediumistic side was balanced by a vast amount of practical work: in organizing, in her highly inspired writings, and in the philanthropic work she felt urged to do, especially in the founding of the Free Night Shelters for Homeless Women.

So much has hinged upon the loyal spirit of this dedicated woman, and the gift of mediumship entrusted to her; and upon the one who, over the years, was her faithful companion and helper - Mrs Margaret Hoare, one of the note-takers for the Zodiac Messages and other messages often given by developed guides permitted by Zodiac to address the Zodiac Circle.

The celestial messenger Zodiac addressed packed audiences through Miss Moyes in Jersey at the Town Hall, St Helier, after the Second World War.

Her public work continued until 1957. She passed into the Higher Life on 12th December, 1957.

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The Instrument Of "Zodiac"

A Short Autobiography


Winfred Moyes

(Written in June, 1933. Her public work continued until 1957. She passed into the Higher Life on 12th December 1957.)

Ever since we started the Greater World, readers have asked me to write an article showing how I became a medium, but I felt that only the teaching by Zodiac mattered, and that the personal should be eliminated as much as possible. However, in conversation with callers, more and more I have been shown that little things in my experience have been helpful to them. So, on the chance of any incident in my life proving of value to another, I will write freely about myself, and I hope those who do not agree with this course will be tolerant. The spirits who have spoken at the Zodiac Circles impress upon us that our experiences belong to the world if they provide encouragement or warning to others.

Religion in its highest sense was brought into my life when I was about nine years old, because we attended a Church where the Rev. Arthur Chambers was curate. Although I was so young I was enthralled by his eloquence. I thought it was part of my hero-worship that I so often saw bright beings standing on either side of him while he was preaching. Soon, however, he was made Vicar of Brockenhurst, Hants, and for years we saw him no more.

From about ten years of age my health became troublesome, and in this narrative I am obliged to refer again and again to my health because my physical weakness turned my steps into paths, which otherwise I should not have taken.

Difficult School Days

School days were almost a nightmare, for if I survived one term I was at home the next. The doctor said I was not to learn anything I did not wish to. Fortunately at the college I attended, they concentrated on literary and artistic subjects and the duller lessons were given second place.

Things were very difficult at home for many years. Not only was my mother delicate, but my father's health began to fail through overwork. He was an author as well as a journalist, and after a day of strain on a big daily newspaper devoted hours to writing books. But on looking back I see now that these hard times were testing stages and essential preparation for the work we were to undertake in time to come.

At eighteen I became secretary to the editor of a monthly journal; but it was by his consideration that I was able to stay there for two years. I was at home ill for six months and then went back to him for about another year. The next breakdown was more serious, and I have learned since that I was not expected to survive.

Yet, at the end of the year, because our financial troubles were increasing through my father's ill-health, I was obliged to take another post, and became sub-editress of two monthly journals. These ran for years, but came to an end during the war owing to paper shortage.

I could not take part in the various sports I loved so well, but I found great consolation in reading. In the home, we had always been accustomed to hear the "thought of the day" discussed freely. Religion has its place, but more from the mental standpoint than from the spiritual. I studied many of the eastern as well as western teachings, attending various lectures when I was well enough. At that time I lived in a hostel in the heart of London, and there met people of many nationalities.

No Interest In Spiritualism

Strangely enough, although I was familiar with many "isms" and "ologies", I never troubled to investigate Spiritualism because I felt it was dangerous to "meddle with evil spirits".

From childhood I heard voices and saw visions, but as we did not understand clairvoyance or clairaudience, we could not explain them, but I always associated these experiences with Christ.

Now comes the incident from which the Zodiac Mission sprang, and it shows the patience of the guides.

My father had become a chronic invalid and for fifteen years before his passing was unable to work.

My salary being needed in the home, we took a tiny flat in the suburbs for mother, a younger sister and myself, my father living at the seaside.

It was the Christmas before the end of the war when I first saw a planchette, and even then did not know its real use. My friend - now Mrs. Margaret Hoare - bought one to amuse her guests at a Christmas party. Seeing the fun it caused and having different people at our little party, I bought one also, and it was used by the boys home on leave with great effect, for they produced anything we wanted!

Unsought And Astonishing Spirit Messages

The next day my new sister-in-law, S., who had been at the party, called and expressed curiosity about the "little board". She asked me to get it out and see if we could make it move without pushing it. I pinned a large sheet of paper on the table and she sat down and placed her fingers on the planchette. In a few seconds she was in a deep trance! We saw she was unconscious and were thoroughly scared, but almost immediately the pencil commenced to write messages from my mother's people, about whom S. knew nothing at all.

After about ten minutes, to our immense relief, she regained consciousness, and was astonished to see what she had written. We realised we were in touch with those we loved in the Spirit World and were delighted; no thought of danger crossed our minds.

My sister-in-law used the planchette several times, and we were very disappointed when the message came that she must not go on with it, and that I was to take the messages instead. I protested that the board would not move for me, and the reply came: "Try the pencil alone".

We could not continue our sittings, for mother had to move to the seaside in order to nurse my father. Once or twice I did try to use the pencil but could get nothing except: "Go on with this - remember, remember, remember", written with an emphasis that almost frightened me.

About a year later my mother returned to live with us and we decided to try again and get the "writing". But another difficulty arose. All those who knew we had had Spirit messages impressed upon her that it was highly dangerous because of my extreme delicacy, with the result that she begged me not to attempt it. Seeing the nervous state she was in, I could not do otherwise but give way, as it seemed to me that the "writing" could not have God's blessing if it made my mother so distressed.

The Voice That Urged Me To Sit Again

But in the August of that year I went to Jersey for a little rest, and while there had one or two psychic experiences, and also heard a Spirit voice saying repeatedly: "Go on with the writing; go on with the writing!"

On my return I told mother and she made no further objection, merely saying that she would write some letters as her fears might attract an adverse influence. My younger sister, Dorrie, was quite willing to sit with me. In a few moments the writing started with great rapidity, but the first message was: "Your mother is sad; tell her to come in". Dorrie crept to the door and called her softly. She came running up the hall, and from that day to this she has become the most devoted Spiritualist, and one of the best sitters I know. We had a wonderful evening, it seemed to us.

Very soon Margaret (Mrs. Hoare) joined the circle and she has sat with us ever since, showing a devotion beautiful to witness.

Every message received was taken down by Dorrie and a typewritten copy made of it. It is interesting to turn back to the old records, which are very evidential, for all that has taken place regarding the expansion of the work was foretold over the years by Zodiac, who, however, used symbolical language so that we might not interfere with the plans.

For months the messages were given by my grandmother on my mother's side, a saintly old lady who has been described in detail by clairvoyants many times at our public meetings.

It was at least six months later when, on commencing our sitting and expecting the usual first sentence: "Grandma is here", large letters appeared instead - ZODIAC. I stopped, saying to my mother: "Whatever do they mean?" she replied: "Perhaps it is the name of your guide". Before I could answer, my hand was rushed across the paper, the pencil writing: "Yes, yes, yes!"

Zodiac soon asked us to allow some of our friends to join us, and their loved ones gave messages to them too. This lasted for some time. I did not like the idea of full control and was very relieved that it was my hand only that was used. However, one evening the message came that it would tire me much less if I allowed Zodiac to take full control - would I consent? I did not like to refuse, but it was not until months later that Zodiac brought me to my feet and spoke through me.

The First Time Zodiac Spoke Direct

That again seemed to be caused by an "accident". My brother and his wife had moved to Westcliff-on-Sea, and we were invited to spend Christmas with them. It was arranged that on Christmas Day, after tea, we should have the writing. Unfortunately for our plans, a visitor called, and to our dismay stayed until nine o'clock. By that time our nerves were on edge with disappointment, and I declared it would be impossible to get a message at all. However, the others begged me to try, and it was then, under what we considered to be adverse conditions, that Zodiac dispensed with the pencil and spoke direct through me.

Since then, hundreds of people have attended the Zodiac Circle and hundreds of spirits have spoken through me.

Up to 1928 my sister, Dorrie, took the notes - a gigantic task! I typed them out; they were carefully checked and then sent to Mr. Ralph Goddard and Miss Agnes Goddard, in Hampshire, who gave up all their leisure to duplicating the messages and sending them out. In time, about 600 people were reading them weekly. No charge was made for attendance at the Zodiac Circle or for the typescript; but it cost about £5 a week to produce and send out the records, nearly all this outlay being borne by Mr. Goddard.

For several years I was on the staff of a London daily newspaper, and every evening from 7.30 until midnight I was typing the notes or answering a vast correspondence in connection with Zodiac's teaching.

I Receive An Urgent Message Through My Sister's Mediumship

During that time my health was very troublesome, and for two years I hardly knew how to drag myself about. Early in 1928, through Dorrie (who by that time was also used by the Spirit World) I received an urgent message that if I did not give up office life, Zodiac would not be able to use me, for my physical weakness would be too great.

I had no idea what we should do without my salary, but I obeyed the guides and sent in my resignation. But my faith was far from intact and for three months I suffered terrible anxiety about the future. Also, Dorrie and Ralph Goddard were to be married at Easter, and that meant the loss of our wonderful note-taker.

However, in a marvellous manner the way opened. On Good Friday, Mr. Aeschimann, who was then almost a stranger to us, suggested that we should start a paper so that the Zodiac messages might reach the general public, and the GREATER WORLD was founded. It was also arranged that Mrs. Whittaker and he should take a duplicate shorthand note at the Zodiac Circle. This continued until we opened "Greater World House", Herne Bay, in 1930, when Mrs. Whittaker became the hostess. Then Mrs. Margaret Hoare took the notes with Mr. Aeschimann, and the arrangement has been continued ever since.

Why I Have Told The Story Of My Life

I am afraid this narrative seems very long and uninteresting, but the reason I have told the story of my life is this: From a physical standpoint everything was against my being used as an instrument, yet the work has been carried on without a break for eleven years. Zodiac has emphasised many times that spiritual laws can govern physical and natural laws, and perhaps my experiences may strengthen the faith of others who feel that everything is against the development of their mediumship.

Some people may ask why spirit healers could not cure me. We are taught that pain has its place in material life. Zodiac said years ago that my physical and mental sufferings had provided a "bridge" over which he could come and use me. It is not easy for highly evolved spirits to contact us. They must have a certain condition, and pain has a cleansing effect. Therefore, the factor which "spoilt" my life has been used for the Divine purpose. It will be remembered that St. Paul had "a thorn in the flesh", but when he besought the Lord to take it from him, the reply was: "My grace is sufficient for thee: for My strength is made perfect in weakness". Maybe this thought will help some of the delicate people who long to do so much for God.

Had it not been for Sprit power, I should not now be in the body. At times I still suffer great pain, yet the loving protection of the Great Father is demonstrated constantly through the guides, for although I have not had a holiday for five years and work 14 to 16 hours a day, I find that "His grace is sufficient for me", and every year I am getting stronger.

My sister, Mrs. Ralph Goddard, is used a s a medium for rescue work, with wonderful results. The healing done by the Mighty Mohawk, through Mrs. Margaret Hoare, is too well known to be described here. I owe everything to men and women on both sides of the veil, and I close the story of my life on a note of deep gratitude to God, Who so patiently has led me through the valley of suffering out onto the sunny planes of service.

Winifred Moyes.

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Early Philanthropic Work Of The Greater World Association

The messages from the Spirit World emphasise the necessity of putting the teaching received into practice; and the way in which the first free Shelter for Homeless Women came into being is a little romance in itself.

With no money to draw upon, for already our commitments were very heavy, it seemed impossible for me to obey the Spirit voice which so urged me in December, 1932, to open a night shelter for aged women. Yet provision had been made by those in the Unseen, for through a "chance" conversation, a friend was inspired to offer £100 to start a fund.

Even so, we could not afford to pay rent, so I wrote to several large property owners in London asking for loan of a house, and after many disappointments was given the use of an old building near the Thames Embankment until it was to be pulled down six months later.

Then came the question of furnishing the place, and how splendidly readers of "The Greater World" responded, for beds, bedding and household goods of all kinds arrived, so that very little money had to spent on equipment.

With fires burning brightly in every room, on a bitter day - January 21st, 1933 - Zodiac dedicated the Shelter, and that very night homeless, famished women were taken in, fed, re-clothed, and provided with a cosy bed, with the added comfort of a hot water bottle!

Long before the six months were up, the 35 beds provided were found insufficient for the need among women who were old and sick, and, again through direct Spirit help, we were able to rent larger premises in China Walk, Lambeth, London, S.E., where accommodation could be provided each night for fifty women.

The beds at this Shelter are used yearly nearly 19,000 times by women who otherwise would be sleeping out-of-doors. 38,000 suppers and breakfasts are given each year; hundreds of women are entirely reclothed, and about 300 are found some kind of employment.

In November, 1935, a second Shelter was opened in Leeds by the Lord Mayor and Lady Mayoress; and in January, 1937, at Leigh-on-Sea, the first Greater World Free Convalescent Home was dedicated by Zodiac.

Surely no work brings greater happiness than that of helping the old, the poor and the sick!

Our philanthropic work is supported entirely by voluntary contributions, and donations, however small, would be gratefully received. The accounts are audited annually by Charted Accountants.

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A Short Profile Of The Founders Of The Greater World

(Taken from a small pamphlet produced by The Greater World Christian Spiritualist Association at the end of the last century)

Winifred Moves

It is a formidable task to try and draw a pen portrait of our Founder in a few sentences - an outstanding woman both in terms of her extraordinary spiritual gifts and her own indomitable spirit. Overcoming lifelong ill-health by forcing her weak body to do Spirit's bidding, Winifred demonstrated her implicit faith by the total dedication of her mediumship to Zodiac.

This paved the way for the establishment of what was to become the Greater World Christian Spiritualist Association. For thirty years they worked in a loving partnership, delivering Zodiac's teachings through Winifred in a trance state to ensure that her physical mind did not impede the purity of the messages, thus proving Zodiac's assertion that spiritual laws can govern physical and natural laws. The quality of the attunement achieved between teacher and medium is evident in the purity of the messages received and the fact that they have stood the test of time and remain as relevant today as when they were given.

Over the years thousands of seekers have come to recognise these teachings as emanating from a true messenger of Christ, and their light of truth continues to spread far and wide across the world.

Some here today were fortunate enough to have known Winifred and worked with her. To us she appears in her earthly life to have been, highly sensitive but at the same time determined and resolute, very caring but often immovable when set upon a particular course of action, a mixture of qualities and contradictions combining to produce a personality which drew to her the people who could support and enlarge the Greater World, many of whom devoted the rest of their earthly life to this work. Her conviction that help must be offered to those in need also fulfilled Zodiac's instruction that ours must be a practical religion. Without any means of doing so (at the time) Winifred set about providing shelters for homeless women (much needed during that period) in London and Leeds. The London shelter was used 19,000 times each year by women who would otherwise have been sleeping on the streets. 38,000 suppers and breakfasts were served annually. Hundreds of people were reclothed and about 300 were found some sort of employment. The money and other resources were all forthcoming once the initiative had been taken.

Few indeed have been chosen for tasks of such great moment, and so much hinged upon the loyal spirit of our dedicated Founder and the gift of mediumship entrusted to her. We are proud to be part of the Association which she founded so well and loved so dearly. That it has survived and flourished sixty years after its inception is the greatest tribute that can be paid to her.

Perhaps the secret lies in the words taken from Winifred's brief account of her life story when she sought an answer as to why her pain and suffering had been the bridge for highly evolved Spirit teachers to reach us, quoting St. Paul's entreaty to have the thorn in his flesh taken from him and our Lord's reply, "My Grace Is sufficient for thee: for my strength is made perfect in weakness". Therefore, says Winifred, "The factor which 'spoilt' my life has been used for the Divine Purpose"

Charles Aeschimann

A Swiss businessman living in London, he met Winifred Moyes in the mid-1920s and was drawn to the Zodiac teachings. He co-founded with her 'The Greater World' newspaper, and it was his personal fortune which enabled the paper to exist and to be maintained at low cost to readers. He was a founder-member of the Greater World League (1931) and founder-member of the Greater World Association Trust (1934). Charles Aeschimann was inspired to compose the Greater World Belief and Pledge (1931). He died at his home on Guernsey in December 1979 having served the Mission for many years.

Alfred Morris

A wealthy businessman, he contacted Winifred Moyes in the mid-1920s. By 1932 he had sold his home and that year provided most of the money to buy No. 3 Lansdowne Road, Holland Park, which was to become the Greater World Headquarters for 54 years. He lived there until his death in 1936. After the formation of the League he became the first National President, holding this position until his death. It was his money, together with that of Charles Aeschimann, that paid for the print shop which was established as the Almorris Press at Headquarters. This was operative from 1932 and the newspaper was published there without missing a single issue until 1986, when the premises were being sold and the printing of the paper was contracted out.

Janie Stephen

The sister of Lady Tail (a well-known supporter of Spiritualism in the first quarter of this century), Janie spent some 30 years investigating Spiritualism. Little is known of her life other than her dedication to Christian Spiritualism. She was a regular member of the Zodiac Circle and a Council member for some years.

Marjorie Marrian

A regular contributor to the newspaper in its early years, she too had spent many years investigating the claims of Spiritualism. She was a member of the Council for some time.

Albert Hillyard

Albert first met Winifred Moyes in 1931, and played a major role in the founding of the Greater World League that same year. During his 57 years of service In the Movement, he became its longest-serving Council member before retiring from the Board in 1987. He was Secretary of the League from 1932-52 and again in 1968-1971, Editor of the newspaper (1974-79), and Life Vice-President until his passing in January 1988. Throughout his long service Albert was the dedicated custodian of the Zodiac messages, his love of Zodiac being the driving force in his life. At his passing he left a legacy of several books, including 'The Zodiac Messages'. All are Greater World classics which we are proud to distribute. Albert was the only one of our Founders to survive until we left our old home. He was naturally saddened by this event, but he also rejoiced in the knowledge that others had been chosen to carry on the work of the Mission which he loved so greatly.

Margaret Hoare

Winifred Moyes' closest friend and work colleague, founder-member of the Zodiac Circle, Margaret was to remain Winifred's strongest supporter until the latter's passing in 1957. A founder-member of the League, Margaret was elected National President in 1963 but only served a few months, as she passed to Spirit that same year. A gentle, loving person, she is still remembered for her innate kindness to everyone she met. She was a powerful channel for healing, and her guide, Mighty Mohawk, was a much-loved Spirit friend to many people.

In any tribute to our Founders we must include Winifred Moyes' mother and other members of her family, who believed in her and gave her every support, often at great sacrifice to themselves.

We must be ever mindful of the fact that today's Greater World, one of the foremost Christian Spiritualist organisations in the world, owes its existence to the commitment and industry of its Founders. We remember them with gratitude.

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The following was printed in a 1957 Greater World weekly called "The Greater World". It is written by Winifred Moyes (in the year of her passing) who was Honorary Editor at the time. It is given primarily to give the reader a little more understanding about the character and personality of Zodiac's instrument, Winifred Moyes, and the work that she undertook...

Founded on Good Friday, 1928.  Published Weekly. Official Organ of the
January 26th, 1957


"A few days ago an Inspector and two Policemen called here to gain information about a woman living in one room. Apparently cries had been heard coming from her, but the door was locked and the Police were sent for as it was the only way to see what was the matter.

"The woman was lying on the bed unable to move. She had been there since Saturday and it was then Tuesday. Apparently she had had no food and was too weak to get herself even a cup of tea. Moreover, she was so severely scalded that great blisters had come out on her body. She wanted to sit up but the ambulance men who had been sent for, said she must not be moved as that would break the blisters.

"On the Monday I had asked that all our old and sick folk living in one room should be sent a £1 each for coal or oil. Fortunately, this letter which had just arrived, had been pushed under the door, so the Inspector opened it to find someone who knew her. They came to Headquarters and Mrs. Hoare explained that we had known the woman for many years. She was single, her only relative, a sister, passing over a few months ago. This poor soul has always been ill, one trouble being the forming of continuous abscesses in the ears, which caused agonies, and at last has brought about complete deafness. She has always been most self-respecting and very independent, but we insisted on looking after her so far as she would allow. She was a recluse, living alone in one room, and shutting herself, through over-sensitiveness, from others.

"The trouble was that she refused to allow the Police to take her to hospital. How patient and kind they were and the ambulance men also! They argued with her, on paper, but she told them to go; she would not leave her room. They dared not allow her to remain in such a condition. One of the men said the call had come early and he had not waited for breakfast, and there they were, hour after hour, in a cold room, trying to persuade the poor creature to go into hospital and have her burns dressed. It was not until noon that she gave way.

"I wrote to the Superintendent of the Hospital, telling him that we had known her for years and she had an excellent character, but she felt the only way to retain her self-respect was to admit no one into her confidence. I am sure orders will be given that she shall be treated with consideration, but I am afraid much suffering is in front of her, because the scalds have been so neglected.

"Mrs. Haley, who looks after the clothing given to those in our Welfare Work, most kindly went with the Police to try to persuade the poor soul to go into hospital, but evidently she thought we had sent the Police to her and felt we had betrayed her confidence. Being stone-deaf and very frightened, Mrs. Haley could not comfort her.

"How dreadful it is to be in such a position! And I am afraid there are many so placed.

"We have had a lot of bad cases to deal with during the short time since Christmas, but readers may rest assured that all that is possible to bring relief to the sick and aged will be done, and we thank them with grateful hearts because through their generosity, some of the loving compassion of our Heavenly Father can be shown to these lonely souls, whose bodies are really worn out."   W.M.


Attached to the Will of Winifred Moyes was a sealed envelope that no one knew anything about. The following is the message that she wrote during the last days of her life on earth:

"When these lines are read I shall be free from the physical body. Reviewing my life, I feel I would like to leave a few words of comfort for those who are attempting spiritual pioneer work.

Life is a much simpler thing than we imagine when we are trying to grapple with its problems; all the sorrows and disappointments are bearable when we remember that they will be shown to us in a very different guise when we are in the Spirit World.

What are the tests which challenge the pioneers? They must steady themselves to meet criticism not only from enemies and those who differ from them, but also from co-workers regarded as friends. At times when they have to withstand the shock of seeing their highest motives presented to them as selfish ones or even as attempts to harm the ones they tried to help. Once you can meet this form of attack and not lose your nerve, you have nothing to fear, for all other darts and arrows are blunt in comparison. Sorrow and loss, illness and overwork, the responsibility of your own and other people's mistakes over routine tasks, these are all part of the day's work; but never forget that on earth we see the physical aspect only. We have the Christ's assurance that He is blessing our bricks, even if they are made with clumsy hands, and that His Love will weld them together. Having found the road of earthly life steep and stony, with all my heart I want to leave reassurance behind for others. Always remember that it is so much better to be the sufferer than the one who inflicts suffering, and that the majority are often unaware that they are hurting you. To my faithful friends - God's greatest gift - I offer my loving thanks, and I ask you to remember the words:

'Say not Goodnight, but in some brighter clime bid me Good Morning!'"

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