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Why Have Entries Been Removed From The Visitors Book?

Certain postings have been removed from the Visitors Book for the following reasons.

Firstly, people are not meant to advertise anything in church Visitors Books, so advertising of any kind should not be placed here. Quite simply, Visitors Books are meant for people who visit a church and wish to say something about it, not to advertise something else. Church Visitors books are pleasant because they generally emanate altruism, and when self plays a part then that altruism is diluted.

Secondly, people who are determined to 'poo-poo' what others have had proven to them time and again - i.e. the reality of the Greater World of Spirit - should find a forum to cater for their own beliefs if they wish to put the beliefs of others down, rather than post them in the online Visitor's Book of this church.

Thirdly, this is a church Visitors Book, albeit an electronic one. People do not usually go into churches and write in the Visitors Book that everyone in that church is, for instance, practising 'abominations' or perhaps some form of Satanism - so why do it here? It is ill-mannered and offensive to many.

It would not be considerate or desirable to leave the posters' personal details in the book and then append explanations to their entries as to why their condemnation is erroneous, as there is no intention of belittling anyone who is probably very sincere; nor is it intended or desirable that the Visitors Book is converted into a disharmonious bulletin board where love is sacrificed - harmony is of God.

However, it is perhaps necessary to take this opportunity to respond here to objections in the deleted posts (as they are the most common objections made by a fairly large number of people naming themselves Christians), and posters who enter their condemnation of our way of life in the Visitors Book have a right to know why their entries have been removed. It will also give the genuine seeker of Christ's Truth the opportunity to see what it is that they will encounter if they walk along this path.

I must also say that I have good friends who attend churches where the teaching is comparatively liberal and they do not really believe those parts of their theology which state that non-believers in their creed shall "pass into an everlasting punishment", and so this response should only be considered relevant to truly dogmatic Literalist-Fundamentalists who would post entries in the Visitors Book.

1) The poster states: "God has said there is only one way, and that way is to believe in Jesus Christ, therefore..." (states the poster) "...to believe in universal salvation is to side-step what God has said about salvation, thus it is denying that the Bible is God-breathed and it is also calling God a liar!"

This is saying far more than just one thing. Such posters should spend more than a cursory glance at the content of the site before they make such assumptions. It is already understood how the Literalist interprets the Bible, and that is why there are certain articles on this site to show that there is a less literal and more liberal way - and a more spiritual way - of interpreting the Bible concerning these very points.

Nobody here is calling God a liar - it is merely the Literalists' interpretation of the Bible that produces the idea that any other way of Biblical interpretation must be calling God a liar. The Literalists say that nobody comes to eternal life except through Christ - we say the same, except that we do not look at it in the same manner as the Literalists but in a less literal and more spiritual manner...

"No Man Cometh Unto The Father, But By Me"?

The poster says that the Bible is God-inspired. We do not deny that the Bible is God-inspired, but that does not mean that man has not interfered with it - God has given free-will and while He can influence freewill, He does not interfere with freewill. Literalists have a sincere belief that the Bible should be accepted as read, literally and unquestioningly; we understand this, but the Literalist has forgotten to take into account man's limitations.

However, we believe that God has given us both reasoning faculties and spiritual discernment as part of our individuality and spiritual make-up, in order that we can assess matters intelligently as well as discern matters spiritually, and not simply accept everything in an unquestioning and blind manner - which would really be abusing the above mentioned gifts that God has given through inactivity...

Inspired Does Not Necessarily Mean Perfect

A Literalist Who Ignores Literalisms?

Literalists side-step a very important issue, that without universal salvation, God becomes excessively immoral. Eternity is an infinitely long time to be subjected to torture for failing to accept a dubious metaphysical concept during a few finite decades of existence - eternity it is not a million years, nor a million, million years, it is forever...

Mistranslation (summaries)

Mistranslation (in depth)

Indeed, investigating carefully the original intent of the New Testament writers, only since about 420 A.D., mankind has begun to follow dogmas based upon words that were never actually there in the Greek text. This should cause alarm bells to ring among anyone who wishes to believe in a literalistic approach to the Bible as well as a limited salvation, as it would be based upon a complete mistranslation and misinterpretation.


It is demonstrated to anyone with an open mind, that the probability that man has interfered with, and altered truth, is so strong that it becomes a certainty.

There is nothing of substance based on the etymology, lexicography, usage and historicity of Greek and Latin texts and records, Biblical or otherwise, of the 0 - 500 A.D. period, which offers even a minimal, let alone a serious and comprehensive opposing criticism to the fact that the doctrine of Universal Salvation was the prevalent sentiment of the early Christian Church; the only argument against Universal Salvation is based on the more modern mistranslation of a word!

The doctrine of limited salvation all comes from man's mind, and God never intended it to be made into a theology - man alone has done that. However, Christ Jesus taught Universal Salvation and so did His early followers.

2) The poster states: "Pray to God to find out how misguided you are and that you have been tricked by the Devil!"

Personally, I have, years ago, been a sincere attendee in Evangelical and Pentecostal churches, and have attended their home Bible nights on a regular basis. I also spent a number of years going into a little chapel every day, praying fervently to Christ that He show me the truth regarding the Greater World. There is no end to learning and revelation comes all the time. What seems to some difficult to reconcile becomes as clear as day, moreover, I am happy to say, the sunniest, brightest day ever experienced, and it is my desire that others should also have the opportunity to experience the rays of the Spirit in such a way. But I do wonder what kind of effort the posters have put into both searching the truths of the Greater World and also praying about them.

3) The poster states: "God detests astrologers therefore you are misguided!"

With regard to the Christ Messenger who uses the name 'Zodiac': Humans, with the limitations of the flesh, could neither pronounce his real spiritual name nor understand its spiritual meaning; he may have had an earthly name 2,000 years ago, but people do not continue to go by their earthly name once firmly established in the Spiritual World of God. In the records of Zodiac's Addresses, he has mentioned a number of times that the use of the word 'Zodiac' is to encourage us to raise our minds away from earthly matters and 'upwards' towards the 'heavens' and therefore spiritual matters. To quote Zodiac from an Address he gave on June 10th, 1923: "In regard to the name 'Zodiac': It was chosen in order to lift the mind of those upon earth from the ground to the sky, nothing more than that, and the stars that had such an attraction for the one I use (trance medium) were but a simile of that for which she was being prepared."

In all of the hundreds of Zodiac Messages this particular writer has read, he has not encountered any reference to the authenticity of astrology. The same can be said about the other literature which is held in trust by the Greater World in the 'Classics' section. As with all things spiritual, one has to learn to be discerning, we have to work it out for ourselves and not just be told something without testing it thoroughly.

Naturally, each and everyone is attuned to different spiritual keynotes. The spirit, having chosen the experiences it knows will bring the greatest spiritual gain to itself, knows that it wants to undertake those experiences and learn and develop from them.

In this sense, individual life is predestined but the results that arise from those experiences are not predestined. Yet many would choose - with the material mind - to avoid those experiences even though their knowledgeable spirit has chosen to undertake them. Such as these, attuned, at the time, to more material vibrations, seek out those who might help them avoid certain experiences for which they took on a human body, and this could include seeking out astrologers, so-named.

The freewill is never interfered with, and so if people wish to put off their experiences until another time, that is their choice. But what is mapped out in the spirit-body must occur at some stage, whether in the body or out of it, and neither God nor the purer guides wish any soul to waste time.

The clear distinction should be made between astrology as taught by men and women, and the predestination of the very real choices of the spirit’s experiences "superimposed" as a "blue print" as it were, on the spirit-body which are chosen before physical birth on Earth, and which are not associated with the position of the planets in the material universe in any way - the two have no correlation.

It matters not what an astrological chart may say about a soul - what the spirit has chosen does not require the stars, sun, moon, planets or Earth to be in any particular alignment at all, and the planets' positions will not affect the choices of the spirit at all, and being born at a particular astrological time is meaningless to the spirit as far as the predestined and necessary course of experiences it has chosen is concerned.

The spirit does not wait for any particular planetary alignment to be in force in order to be born, neither does that planetary position alter one iota the choices of the spirit for its experiences. Rather, the spirit awaits the ideal conditions for its birth (or the conditions closest to its needs), and such conditions have nothing to do with the material universe regarding stellar or planetary positions.

If the desired conditions are appropriate, then the spirit incarnates - the necessary experiences to be undertaken by the soul are the same whether undertaken by a soul born under a particular set of planetary positions or another particular set of planetary positions - nothing changes because of planetary or stellar alignment.

This particular writer has never had the age-old question answered even mildly satisfactorily, of how some twins can have totally different lives from each other, having different experiences, tragedies, working environments, losses, gains, partners, nuclear families, life-spans etc. - when according to the most basic and fundamental criteria of astrology, twins should have identical lives because they share the same ascendancy of the sun along with positioning of the moon and planets, were born to the same parents at the same time (within seconds of each other), in the same place and under the same conditions.

Many astrologers talk about free-will being the reason for the sometimes vast differences in the lives of astrological twins, but then what is the point of a birth chart? Each twin is using free-will, not necessarily in a bad way, and each twin can have a completely different life through choice, neither life coming even close to synchronising with the apparent predictions and declarations of the astrological chart - why? Because both twins used free-will.

Neither is the amazing occurrence throughout history of monozygotic (identical) twins with almost identical lives, any kind of evidence for the proof of astrological accuracy. Both twins have such similarities because the progenitor cells containing the initial genetic material have split in half (probably by a collapsing blastocyst) leaving the same identical genetic material on opposite sides of the embryo which then develops into two foetuses. While the spirit inside each twin is obviously individual and separate (something the identical astrological chart cannot account for), the identical genetic makeup clearly governs much of how each twin functions on this earth plane in a physical and often finer sensorial sense.

Finally, the environment is also explained as the reason for the differences in twins. This sounds plausible without thinking too deeply about it. But let’s get back to the basic claims of the astrologer - according to the astrological chart of the twins, the environments of the twins should be the same - because the twins have the same chart. We can’t continually change a fundamental principle because the facts don’t fit the plan. As much as it might be helpful to have astrology as an accurate form of spiritual guidance, the evidence and logic is stacked well against such an occurrence. This particular writer says take care, pray for spiritual guidance and it will come.

Now, having made a case for the failure of so-called astrology, whether modern-day or Jyotish, to provide even near-acceptable reasoning for the apparent non-consistency of the sometimes totally different lives and characters of twins, another point must be made.

For the sake of comprehension, perhaps it is possible to visualise many, even hundreds of concentric rings (or spheres) around this earth, and also the moon and other planets in the solar system. Then taking this further, to visualise multiple concentric rings around the stars and their planets in this galaxy. Each sphere or ring being held within one exterior to itself being of greater spiritual power.

It can been seen that at all points there is much overlapping of spheres with those of another planet or star. Thus, each planet or star at the centre of each set of outwardly facing concentric rings is affected at some point by those with which it touches.

To understand the influences of such overlapping spheres of power takes those who have passed over from this life into Another World a great deal of study, 'time' and effort. It is not something a person encabined in the flesh is capable of undertaking even to a small measure of success due to the material influence and constraint of the physical body with its limitations. It has been said that if mankind were able to make the major decisions of his life based upon a measure of the true knowledge of the spiritual science which deals with the workings of the influences of concentric spiritual spheres and their interacting forces around our physical solar system, it would enlist danger rather than benefit.

So, having made the case that the spirit’s experiences are set by the spirit into the fine ethereal vibrations of the soul before physical birth into a human body, it is fair to say that the life force emitted from heavenly bodies does indeed affect the life force of a new born baby – but not in the context that an astrological chart can determine the events and experiences of the future life of that human.

There is a great difference between man's traditional material thinking and the spiritual direction in which He Who is the Source of Life wants us to turn our thinking? Are we not to shake off the teachings that have come from the mind of man and which have been passed down to us over the last sixteen hundred years or so (see "Universalism: The Prevailing Doctrine Of The Christian Church During Its First Five Hundred Years"), where words and concepts have been utilized in religious theories - i.e. where man has changed the pure and simple teaching of Christ into some twisted and convoluted theory - man's religion?

Are we not to use our spiritual discernment and God-given common sense to rise above the narrow confines of manmade theories derived from written human words which have been ordered in a certain sequence in the minds of men and women, and to which prominence is given to certain areas according to their own mental makeup and preference?

Should we not now be entering a world where we can see the basic teachings and examples of Jesus the Christ of God as being the true fundamental and spiritual Way (hodos), laying aside the religions of man and going back to the fundamental roots of Christ: a travelled way, road, a traveller's way, journey, a course of conduct, a manner of thinking, feeling, deciding?

Should we place the momentous Example of suffering and self-denial, of generosity and selflessness, of healing the sick and going the extra mile, of All-Power willingly laying aside His Godhead to be humbled as one of us and subjected to the laws of His own creation for our own sake, of the many more attributes of pure altruistic Divinity - should we place all this in the background and give manmade doctrines of salvation first place - doctrines built on man's fear for himself?

No, we should be strong in the faith of God to know that He has us under His care and that He shall never forsake us, and we should go onwards and upwards as He has called us to do - in the Christ Way - with our staff of faith based on Christ instead of faith in religious theories that have sprung from the mind of man.

4) The poster states: "In the Old Testament, God has declared that He detests people talking to the dead, and you are therefore consciously or unknowingly choosing to follow Satan."

A theology which contains a "go-to-Hell-or-Heaven-forever" doctrine based upon the acceptance of a concept alone, by definition, cannot entertain the fact that there exists spiritual evolution and involution of the soul after "death" - it is either Heaven or Hell forever after this short life on Earth according to such limited tenets. Such theologies therefore cannot consider that there are manifold stages of development for the soul, and therefore it is not possible to understand that if a society and all of its members are debased then they will "draw" debased spirits, especially if consciously invited. In other words, those with mutual sympathies are drawn together and, again, those with distorted and immoral desires ally themselves to those who have found themselves - after physical death - placed in the dark regions according to the state of involution of their souls caused through the selfishness and wickedness in their hearts and minds. This alone should be an obvious explanation for the prohibition placed on the wayward and debased Israelite population in the Old Testament, who, even after a miraculous release from slavery, reverted to a degraded way of living.

However, there is a more profound aspect to consider in connection with the above objection. The Literalist cannot see how his or her theology is self-contradictory; this has been dealt with in a few places on this website. It would be worth contemplating what the following Biblical statement means and what the linked web page is declaring:

"If You Follow The (Old Testament) Law Then Christ Has Become Of No Effect To You" (Gal.5:3,4)

5) The poster states: "The living cannot talk to the dead because Jesus said so!"

Again, this is a common Fundamentalist conclusion drawn from a parable told by Jesus: Lazarus and the rich man, and is explained in part here:

"Jesus Said The Dead And The Living Cannot Communicate"?

6) The poster states: "We cannot know what happens at death and that God has chosen not to tell us or He would have put it in the Bible!"

The Literalist often states that it violates God's law by "adding" to the Bible and to what He wants us to know about the Afterlife. But the Fundamentalist-Literalist who says this is the one who is making a mistake because God does in fact desire us to know about life after death - that is the kind, considerate and loving God we have. He never meant that the Veil between His Spiritual World and us should be so thick - it is man's constant abuse of Spiritual Law that has built up the wall:

"Cursed For Adding To The Bible"?

7) The poster states: "Where in the Bible does it say auras exist? Believing in auras is Satanically influenced!"

Although this objection appears to be a somewhat insignificant reason to deny God's Greater World, it does arise in the mind of the Literalist and in the Visitors Book.

Firstly, if we are going to be so specific, where in the Bible does it say that auras do not exist?

Ironically, the literalistic Fundamentalist's denial of the existence of an aura surrounding each person is virtually the same as the neo-sceptic's attempts to deny the existence of the energy-field revealed via Kirlian photography. Neither of these people want an aura to exist because they have formulated a raison d'etre in which the aura has no place and the existence of an aura threatens their own beliefs. Thus they use the physical mind to invent ways to prove the aura's non-existence instead of using the spiritual mind to realise the aura is a natural, vital and wonderful apparatus.

God has created a wonderful existence. This Earth, as beautiful as it can be, is but a pale representation of the beauty found in the heavenly Spheres, all of which conform to the spiritual laws brought into being by God to support life. The life created by God is quite simply unimaginable by human beings in the flesh; it is inconceivable.

To declare that the Sacred Record of events and letters from thousands of years ago - as sacred as the Record is - can describe in totality every wonderful thing on this Earth let alone in the heavenly Spheres - is narrow indeed. It is merely an attempt to deny God’s Greater Spiritual World and all the beauty includes because the Greater World of God permits non-Fundamentalists to live in it who do not adhere to a narrow metaphysical theory of salvation.

Most tellingly, concerning the recording in the Bible of all spiritual facts, we could look to no better example than Jesus the Christ to see if He said or did anything that was not recorded in the Bible. Indeed, we find that the Bible itself declares that it is a very incomplete Record: "And there are also many other things which Jesus did, the which, if they should be written every one, I suppose that even the world itself could not contain the books that should be written" (John 21:25).

Such a statement in itself should warn our fundamentalist friends that an objection based on the aforementioned grounds, is somewhat self-defeating and that instead of seeking the truth as Christ suggested (Luke 11:9; Matt.7:7), they cut off from themselves and those who would listen to them, the knowledge of the wonderment and beauty that God has brought into being for the benefit of His children.

8) The poster states: "You should ask yourselves the reason for seeking God this way, is it fascination or vainglory?"

The Greater World spiritual teachings in the "Classics Section" are forever reminding us to ask ourselves the motive behind anything and everything we do in life as a whole. Does the motive for anything serve the higher Self alone, or has anything of the lesser self crept in? Is the motive out of a selfless love for God or does anything of selfishness come into play? One must be rigorously honest with oneself. The first warning everyone on this path should be given is to "test the spirits to see whether they are of God" (1 John 4:1). Indeed, the "discerning of spirits" (diakrisis pneuma, 1Cor. 12:10) is to be treated with a dedicated motive and serious attitude at all times where complacency finds no place. The Fundamentalist, however, has assumed this Biblical warning means to "test" people in the flesh, because the Fundamentalist has ruled out the sacred gift of Spirit Communion. It should be remembered that Jesus warned not to judge less we be judged.

As for the charge of "vainglory", anyone who has seriously committed himself or herself to the Greater World has opened up himself or herself to the beauty of the Christ and an intimate knowledge of Jesus, and will always keep himself or herself centred on the exquisite Example of humility, and all will realise that they fall far short of that ideal. However, if ones footsteps wander even slightly from the path of humility, the Christ within - which has been awakened - will quickly bring awareness of any deviance. This is true spirituality, and such laws are written in the heart, not on parchment. This is the unthinkable redemptive Spirit at work, it is the reason for God coming as Man - to bring wholesale spirituality to this world and redeem in all areas; it is the great change which was brought about with His Incarnation - contrition replacing attrition. This will save untold expiation when this life in the flesh is over. Jesus the Christ is the true Saviour indeed.

But the Fundamentalist has masked off the simplicity of this wondrous gift, missing its colossal import, and instead thrusting manmade dogmatic theologies in front of people as the reason for His birth, life, death and resurrection.

As for why we are on this pathway, the reasons are simple. God has always used spiritual beings to reveal His Truth, indeed, the Bible as we know it would not exist if this were not so. But most importantly, our God is so loving and considerate and we desire to know more of Him and to get closer to Him because we have real love for our God, and the Truth has a way of making the sincere seeker of Truth seek even deeper:

A Truly Loving And Caring God

It is strange how people can have a relationship with Christ and yet tell others that they don't have a relationship with Christ, and moreover, are practising Satanism. Who are they to say? We do not say that they do not have a relationship with Christ. Surely if a relationship exists between an individual and Christ, it is not for anyone else to say that they do not have a loving and understanding relationship? What the Fundamentalists say of our way of life means only one thing: They rigidly rule out things that they don't know about.

It may be that some of them have had an experience with the supernormal, perhaps what is named in modern charismatic churches as tongues (which is not the same as the definite description given of the gift of tongues in the Bible). I have yet to hear anyone belonging to a Pentecostal church speak to foreigners in their own language, without any prior knowledge of that foreign language (Acts 2:6) - and while I certainly will not limit the power of the Holy Spirit to redeem, speaking in foreign tongues to foreigners at Pentecost is, after all, what happened at Pentecost according to the Bible, and there is no specific (literal) mention of a "more exalted" non-human unintelligible utterance (practised by charismatic Christians) being introduced. And surely a Literalist would expect to find that the Bible writers had specifically mentioned that the phenomenon he or she practised was more exalted than the gift of tongues received at Pentecost. How then can professed Biblical Literalists ("charismatic" ones at least) be so certain of something that is not Biblically literal?

Fundamentalists does not have ears to hear other teachings about salvation because their way is the only way - it must be, they assume, because of the supernormal happenings which they have experienced and of which they are deeply impressed. Anything else concerning the so-named supernormal is Satanic to them. They have chosen to accept a certain spiritual philosophy which limits themselves (and the power of the Holy Spirit) and which allows nothing else to be possible. And it's this manmade dogmatic teaching that hides the true love of God.

Which Is Moral: Limited Salvation Or Universal Salvation?

Fundamentalists then propagate their deeply ingrained belief and affect others who have not had such experiences, and if they are not strong they cannot fight their way through the haze. This constraint on spirituality, we are told by the Literalist, is the narrow way spoken of by Christ (Matt. 7:14):

"It's Not Narrow-Mindedness But Accept Our Belief Or Go To Hell..."

So why is open-mindedness so important? Surely if people want to adhere to being Literalists then that is their choice even if it they happen to be wrong? Well, not really. It's not simply the fact that they cast impediments over the fuller release of God's love into this world by speaking their Literalism so loudly in the name of Christendom, but by ruling out all others and condemning their different spiritual pathways, they are building up within themselves something which will be very hard to change when they pass over into their Next World.

They will have to "unlearn" the way they think and learn to accept others who have worshipped differently to themselves. This can take a long time as that kind of humility is not something learnt quickly by those who have been so sure in their belief while maintaining such a closed mind. Until God has them truly back in His one Fold, His free workers must use their time to minister to them and teach them acceptance. This time could have been used for fallen souls groping around in the dark planes instead, and it really is something of a pity that the Fundamentalists were so intolerant of different spiritual beliefs held by others while still in the flesh.

It is saddening, especially for God, that we all have so much in common, not least that we are born of the same God, but also that we have touched the hem of the Christ, and yet millions of Fundamentalists propagate teachings and literature which bolsters the idea that we are following their devil. So we should pray that the light comes to them with regards to this Truth.

However, when the seeker of Christ's Truth is told by the religionists that he or she is practising Satanism, he or she can take comfort in the fact that he or she is experiencing in miniature the same thing that was said to the Beloved Christ Jesus, and is thereby closer to understanding their God than before.

Indeed, one who takes this Way may find even those they thought were friends turning against them or treating them differently. The tests must come. One must hold close to Christ through thick and thin - hold fast to Christ and not to religionist theory. And when all is said and done, one is left with an ever-strengthening faith in Christ that nothing or nobody can take away, and as the words of condemnation pour forth from the lips of others they are seen as their hindrance and our gift, for it is as a gift to strengthen faith in Christ; and one is left with Christ, and only Christ. Gone the dogmas, the tenets, the theories of the mind of man sewn together from passages in the Bible - just you and Christ, Christ and you - living in unity with Christ for ever more. That is what He wants.

9) The poster states: "How dare you deceive others! Why don't you accept Jesus Christ and stop all your evil-doing! (signed: learnthetruth@stupid.com)"

Well, this is not an objection as such, this is plainly an insult posted by someone who no doubt considers himself/herself a "Christian". All that is achieved is the betraying of the God within by the thoughts and speech of the lesser man/woman. There are many who think like this so perhaps it should be dealt with because these people would certainly call themselves sincere - sincere enough to spend time on the internet casting insults at others rather than using that time for more constructive activity.

Personally, I must admit this particular insult went quite deep at the time although I know to expect such things. This was posted on Good Friday, just before I was going to take the morning Good Friday Service in our Church. Our service on that day usually involves the sayings of Jesus from the Cross including a little background to those sayings.

I mention this because when it came to the saying: "Forgive them Father for they know not what they do", I was reminded - in a very small way perhaps - of the hate thrown back at our Lord by those He loved but who hated Him in return. But I am grateful for this small insight into something of the hurt He went through, except that His love, being so pure, is far greater than any other human on earth can give, and being repudiated by the whole world is far more painful than any other human on earth could ever undergo, hence the pain experienced by the Master can never be known by another in it's shocking completeness.

Some people post things against us and about us but never bother to read and absorb or contemplate much, if any at all, of the material on our Church web site. There they would see that we follow Christ as our Leader, as God Incarnate when He was on earth, and as the Spiritual Christ through Whom all works by the Godhead are performed. There is so much to say about the reasons that we are followers of Christ, thus, short of replicating all of the material on our web site on to this page, the material on the web site should be read before judgment is made.

Peace and God Bless.

T. Bisson

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