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Analysing The "Second Coming" Or The "Return of Jesus"
In The Light Of Spirit Communication

Looking With Spiritual Eyes

It will be seen in the following explanations that there are various viewpoints. Naturally, while there is only one Truth, yet that Truth can be understood from different viewpoints; no mind is alike, no spiritual consciousness of one is the same as the spiritual consciousness of another, and Truth is so Divinely immense that it would be foolish to assume that a human has a monopoly on it.

There are those in the world today who turn Jesus Christ from the pure and loving Being that He is - all-Compassionate, all-Forgiving, Divinely caring - into something else, something vengeful, something hateful, something desiring to pour pain on all beings who don't accept a particular religious concept. These people eagerly await, even pray for, the return of their gross concept of Jesus with His legions of angels in order that all those who do not think like themselves are expelled to an everlasting hell, or at best, a torturous environment that will eventually force them to accept a religious concept of the mind.

This is so unlike Divine Love and yet many people blindly hold this purely human and non-spiritual view. This is why the Holy Nature of the Gentle Stranger must be explained so that His Name is not preached in such an erroneous manner to innocent minds, thus adding to His sorrow.

The all-loving Christ Jesus knew that the continuity of life was a certainty and therefore the happiness by degree (or misery by degree) of all individuals was dependent upon their spiritual preparedness. Here was the Saviour Christ in the flesh, giving His all to save spiritually misguided and untutored souls untold misery and replace it with unimaginable happiness and joy.

Jesus was more concerned with the spiritual evolution of the people to whom He spoke than with their theories and dogmas. The Master spoke to those people in tones that ensured that if they had "ears to hear", they would not be complacent about trying to live a spiritual life.

The Christ of God gave Himself in every way so that warnings would be highlighted about wasting the earth life spiritually and all that could be brought about for the evolution of the soul by conscious application of the Principles He expounded and displayed. The earth life, so full of trial and temptation, so charged with chances for spiritual growth – an opportunity meant to be grasped by every soul but which so many ignored – and Christ knowing that such progress would not be so readily available once the opportunity of the earth life was finally over, explained the consequences of judgement by the Law of the Spirit.

Now, it is important to realise before continuing, that there are millions of people today naming themselves Christians who assume that the "Second Coming" refers to the end of the world, our world, planet Earth. Hopefully this little discourse will explain where they have made their mistake. Please bear in mind that Christ said that there would be people who would try to guess or proclaim when He was going to return, but that they were not to pay any attention to such people claiming to be prophets or Messiahs (Mark 13:22).

Also bear in mind that Jesus the Christ stated in John 12:47: "I came not to judge the world, but to save the world" - ("hina sozo kosmos" ⇔ "in order to rescue from destruction the world"). It also says in 1 John 4:14 that: "...the Father sent the Son to be the Saviour of the world" ("soter kosmos" ⇔ "preserver of the world"). Christ had entered an evil world, far more evil than the human mind of today, accustomed to national and international laws for the protection of the innocent, imagines. Evil had an unshakeable hold on the world and it was going down further and further past the point of recovery. It was at that time that the Saviour came, the essential point in time, not only to save the souls of men and the humbler creations of which he was supposed to be caretaker, but to save the world itself! This beautiful and unbelievably loving promise of Christ is overlooked.

So, as may be understood, those end-of-the-world Christian soothsayers are making a grave mistake, and in the meantime the true Love of Christ is grossly misrepresented and His Mission stifled by them, the spreading of Divine Love - the Love of God - and the knowledge of it. The Love of Christ is not like they portray. When such foolishness is spoken no heed should be taken, but instead one should have faith and trust in Christ in whom there is no fear and carry on diligently, not listening to those who predict with their material minds things which they do not understand: "You judge by human standards; I pass judgment on no one" (John 8:15-16).

The spiritual view concerning the witnessing of Christ is not confined to one restricted answer, and will here be considered in general in a threefold essence.


Firstly, He said: "Where there are two or three gathered together in My Name, there am I among them" (Matt. 18:20). This indicates His conscious omnipresent Form, and the effect that the desire to see and know Him has. Indeed, He comes to them. Sometimes, He will appear to an individual in a personal manifestation of His Presence Form - a form recognisable by an individual as being Christ (for instance, actually seeing and 'meeting' Christ in a form not dissimilar to how He appeared when on earth in human form).

Similarly, His omnipresent form has never been absent from any child of God, it is only that the individual has built up many obstacles which prevent the closer contact with the ever-present and all-encompassing form of the Christ. When the Christ is recognised by degree in a person's life, tremendous feelings of love and bliss are experienced, and no words that that person can speak are able to describe the knowledge and experience of that conscious contact with the Christ. There is another aspect which must be mentioned here: It should be remembered that although the Christ is omnipresent, He is also all-conscious and all-Love, and therefore where an individual is in pain and is suffering, then Love naturally "draws closer" with unconditional compassion by increasing comforting, healing and instructive power.

Thus, it can also be said that when one desires to meet Christ with sincerity, then a Christ-Consciousness is gained because the Christ within, which is already united with the Christ without, is brought closer to the level of physical consciousness.


The second aspect involves the time when the individual who has tried to live a life which is good and who has followed the Law of Love by always seeking to serve his or her neighbour, discards the garment of flesh and passes over the border of physical life and into the higher life. Then he or she is met by Christ soon after their transition into another condition or state. Indeed, this is the experience of many a good person, and this is what Jesus referred to when He said: "...There be some standing here, which shall not taste of death, till they see the Son of man coming in His Kingdom" (Matt.16:28).

Many religionists have assumed that this aspect of the "last days" means the actual return of Jesus at the end of the physical Earth to separate the sheep and goats, as it were; but Jesus made it clear to all that the type of return to which He was referring would occur before "this generation (Matt. 24:34)" (the generation to which He was speaking at that time) had passed away. A very telling statement, and a statement that does indeed let us know of the spiritual import Christ wished us to place upon these thoughts.

How this occurs is clearly understood by anyone who has a fundamental understanding of the physical world's relation to the Spiritual World. When the spiritual transition is understood, then spiritual interpretations of the "last days" bear full meaning. When the soul passes into a brighter world, the Christ manifests to that soul in a form which is recognisable to that soul. This is a welcome for them after having lived the short but difficult earth life for the sake of gaining the necessary progression to draw nearer to Love. He comes to them, so happy that they have weathered the storm for His sake, and that they have gained the victory over the plane of trial and temptation.

There is something else to be considered concerning the transition: Christ, the Beginning and the End, claims that He "will reward every man according to his deeds". The meaning of this (Rev.22:11,12) is plain. This refers to an individual's death of the physical body and the state of the soul and what "rewards" - as a consequence of the sowing and reaping - it will receive according to time spent in a body of flesh. The spirit-body or soul-body is transported immediately to the condition to which it is suited. If it is a soul which is spiritually filthy, then to filthy conditions it goes: "He that is filthy, let him be filthy still" and at this point it could be said that soul enters a "second death", as it were; similarly, if it is a just soul, then into conditions which suit a just soul it goes, and so on - changed but not changed.

There is no option for an instant "salvation" at the individual's "end times" based upon a frantic acceptance of a manmade concept in the mind because spiritual nature changes by slow degrees; the soul has worked its actions and deeds according to motives and desires, and this has been creating consequences moment by moment and affecting the health and condition of the soul. All of the time, the universal creative laws brought into being by the Creative Mind and Loving Heart of the Christ of God, have been operating without fail, and the soul is rewarded according to its internal and external workings.

This, then, would also give a further spiritual explanation of the often misinterpreted passages found in writings attributed to Matthew, concerning the separating of the good from the bad. Paul also clarifies the point that the individual's soul receives its just recompense according to the deeds, actions, thoughts and motives while in the body of flesh: "...that every one may receive the things done in the body, according to that he hath done, whether it be good or bad (2Cor.5:10)".

So, all in all, there is perfect justice and a perfect morality in God's laws concerning the evolution and involution of His children. Freewill given, freewill never taken away, but the reaping and sowing of the individual according to the Law of Love. Physical death then would be "judgement day", or rather, the "final judgement" for the earth-life of the individual after a continuous process of judgements, or the consequences that the individual had brought to himself by either opposing Christ's Law of Love or working with Christ's Law of Love - working for or against perfect spiritual laws.

As has already been said, if the generation to whom Christ spoke was not going to pass until this happened to them (as it indeed did, and has happened to every generation before and since), then what is the point of the Literalist's end-of-the-world claim that Christ's "earthly return" is to separate the existing humans on Earth (the sheep and the goats), who only make up a fraction of humans who have, and will have, already passed over to receive their "judgements" in the correct spiritual way?

And so, these latter points considered, we see that many people pass over to be overwhelmed with a conscious meeting with the loving Personality of Christ; and in contradistinction to some who pass over into vile conditions of selfishness, fear and hatred of varying degrees of darkness and misery which these have caused themselves - they have put themselves there by opposing the Law of Love brought into being by Love for the raising up and spiritual purification of His children.

Not wishing to confuse the reader, but rather for the sake of the open-mindedness which is essential for spiritual development and preparation for the next state of being, a brief look at the literal "end-times" is both educational and revealing.

With further reference to the Literalists' notion of a "second coming" and therefore the so-called "Tribulation" which is preached by many people naming themselves Christians, it should be seriously noted that for centuries dogmas have arisen from things which do not really appear in the Bible; in this case it is a dogma concerning the 'second coming' which has arisen mainly because of the mistranslated word for "age", "aeon", "dispensation", "epoch" or "era" which appears in the New Testamant. In other words, the word "aion" has been mistranslated to mean things other than intended by the speaker or writer, sometimes becoming "evermore" and sometimes becoming "world".

Concerning the end of the Age, the Rev. John Wesley Hanson D.D. explains in his book: "aion - aionios, Translated Everlasting - Eternal In The Holy Bible, Shown To Denote Limited Duration".

"The events here described took place in this world within thirty years of the time when Jesus spoke. They are now past. In Matt. xxiv:4, the disciples asked our Lord when the then existing age would end. The word (aion) is unfortunately translated world. Had he meant world he would have employed kosmos, which means world, as aion does not. After describing the particulars he announced that they would all be fulfilled, and the aion end in that generation, before some of his auditors should die. If he was correct the end came then. And this is demonstrated by a careful study of the entire discourse, running through Matthew xxiv and xxv. The disciples asked Jesus how they should know his coming and the end of the age. They did not inquire concerning the end of the actual world, as it is incorrectly translated, but age. This question Jesus answered by describing the signs so that they, his questioners, the disciples themselves, might perceive the approach of the end of the Jewish dispensation (aion). He speaks fifteen times in the discourse of his speedy coming, (Matt. xxiv:3, 27, 30, 37, 39, 42, 46, 48, 50, and xxv:6, 10, 13, 19, 27, 31). He addresses those who shall be alive at his coming. Matt. xxiv:6. "Ye shall hear of wars, etc." 20. "Pray that your flight be not in the winter." 33, 34. "So likewise when ye shall see all these things, know that it is near, even at the doors. Verily I say unto you, This generation shall not pass, till all these things be fulfilled."

"Campbell, Clarke, Wakefield, and Newton (Com. in loc.) translate the phrase, end of the world (sunteleia tou aionos) "conclusion of the age," "end of this dispensation." The question was, then, what shall indicate thy second coming and the end of the Mosaic economy (aion)? "When shall all these things be fulfilled?" Mark xiii:1, 34. He spoke of the temple (Luke xxi:5, 7,) saying one stone should not be left on another, and the question of his disciples was, how shall we know when this is to take place? The answer is, "Ye shall hear of wars." xxiv:6. "Ye shall see the abomination of desolation." 15. "Pray that your flight be not in winter." 20. The adverbs "Then" and "When" connect all the events related in the two chapters in one unbroken series. And what infallible token did he give that these events would occur "then?" Matt. xxiv:34. "Verily I say unto you this generation shall not pass till all these things be fulfilled." What things? The "son of man coming in his glory in the clouds," and the end of the existing aion, or age. Mark phrases it: "This generation shall not pass till all these things be done." See Luke xxi:25, 32. This whole account is a parable describing the end of the Jewish aion, age, or economy, signalized by the destruction of Jerusalem, and the establishment if the new aion, world, or age to come, that is the Christian dispensation. Now on the authority of Jesus himself the aion then existing ended within a generation, namely, about A.D. 70. Hence those who were sent away into aionion punishment, or the punishment of that aion, were sent into a condition corresponding in duration to the meaning of the word aion, i.e., age-lasting. A punishment cannot be endless, when defined by an adjective derived from a noun describing an event, the end of which is distinctly stated to have come".

Soothsaying Christians misrepresent the Love of Christ and misunderstand His words. Historical records show that the events He spoke of have already happened: The destruction of Jerusalem.

Sometimes a believer in the 'End Times' can be heard saying that a large proportion of people believe in the 'Biblically-backed Tribulation' and therefore 'it must be true'. However, this is an absurd method of deduction to 'prove' the literalising and misinterpretation of various texts in the Bible. Just consider, perhaps, the twentieth century Japanese nation and how it believed their arrogant Emperor to be a living god; or consider, perhaps, the twentieth century German nation and how it mindlessly followed the propaganda spouted from the minds of Hitler and his underlings. Millions of people believing in something does not make that something true!

Now, let us consider these end times, so named, in another way again - a way of individual internal application. The literalists have instilled fear into God's children for centuries because they have been interpreting these events in a literal way, a way which applies to the physical world. However, this is an un-spiritual interpretation.

In truth, as far as God is concerned, He is much more concerned with the state of an individual's spiritual development, his or her ethical development and the actual state of health of the soul.

In fact, the end times apply to the internal state of the individual, each one individually, not a final tribulation for those who are alive on earth at some future time, but as applied to each one when they come to physically die. The very beginning of Revelations states that the time is imminent (eggus), referring to the imminent physical death of each one. This is what God is concerned with and why the warnings are so severe - a blackened soul is something that nobody desires except perhaps others with blackened souls.

Thus, when Christ is reported to have been speaking of there being two bodies in the same place - at the same time, and doing the same thing - He was referring to the physical body and the spiritual body of one individual, which coexist with each other. One will be taken (the spiritual body), and one shall be left behind, being fit now only to feed carrion birds (the physical body): "Two men shall be in the field; the one shall be taken, and the other left. And they answered and said unto him, Where, Lord? And he said unto them, Wheresoever the body is, thither will the eagles be gathered together" (Luke 17:34-37). How easily explained these so-called great mysteries become when the truth about the spiritual transition is understood.

These are the last days of the individual, and material goods are of no use at all at such a time so it is no use looking to them for comfort. The soul is already existing in the condition which reflects its state of spiritual health, and all such conditions coexist with each other. Indeed, "now is the time" that every action, thought and desire affects the state of health of the soul - even now.

This is the moment that Paul was really talking about to the Corinthians when unfolding a "mystery" that "We shall not all sleep, but we shall all be changed, in a moment, in the twinkling of an eye (1 Cor. 15:51,52)" and that "the last trumpet call" is in fact the spiritual transition for the individual when his earthly life is finally ended, not at the end of the world.

This then, is how Jesus could say: "Verily I say unto you, This generation shall not pass, till all these things be fulfilled (Matt. 24:34)". All of the things Jesus spoke of regarding destruction would be witnessed by those standing there in the flesh - that generation to whom Christ was talking, the generation living at the time Jesus the Christ walked the earth in the flesh - Why? Because each one of that generation would die and pass through the transition, and woe betide he who had not lived the Christ Way! It is much more important to God that the individual - every individual who lives and dies - is following the Law of Love: "You shall love the Lord your God with all your heart, and with all your soul, and with all your mind. This is the great and foremost commandment. The second is like it, You shall love your neighbour as yourself. On these two commandments depend the whole Law and the Prophets".

There is nothing more important to God than these truths spoken from the mouth of Christ - nothing - if there were so, He would have said it Himself. And He is Truth. Man tries to make other things more important than Christ's own teachings until it becomes itself truth in the minds of generations. Humanity needs Christ to return as He is meant to be.

There is also another point to consider concerning the subject of the coming of Christ. There is a wonderful spiritual phenomenon which can occur in individuals. This is the spiritual gift of Divine Union, and is a relatively rare occurrence, where the individual soul is powerfully enlivened by the Holy Spirit as if there were a truly fierce flame of love burning in the soul. When the soul responds to the love of the flame, the flame burns brighter and brighter and gets so hot that the soul cannot go near at that time. Every time this happens, the individual soul feels that it just like the first time the Flame of Love lovingly burned, except that it is more powerful every time. The love of the soul for the Beloved at these times is beyond description for unless a soul has experienced it, then a description of the sweetness and power of that love is beyond conscious understanding. It is a meeting and union with Love, the Source of Love, the Source of Life. It is a meeting with a Personality, the Personality Who is Love; and Christ is Love, Pure Love. Pure Love, the Personality of Pure Love, is only Pure Love, and there exists no place for anything but love. Love is always giving and giving, and what is given is only love and nothing else; such lower human emotions as anger and revenge simply do not exist in Love. This is the Christ. Therefore, this is another legitimate form of the coming of Christ.

Note: This gift is not that claimed by the 'charismatics', so-called; their claim is limited solely to the acceptance of the fact that Jesus was a 'blood-sacrifice' to remove the consequences of their sins and make them instantly perfect, as it were. But the aforementioned gift of Divine union occurred for many centuries before the Crucifixion and appears to be witnessed in many Old Testament characters such as David, Job, Solomon among others; and so the gift of Divine union is not to be confused with the claim of the Fundamentalist 'charismatic'. Indeed, forms of Divine union have been occurring throughout history in people who have never encountered any Biblical theology such as those named by man as 'saints' from the yogic traditions of the East, and also this spiritual phenomenon can be found manifesting in 'ordinary' people today; in some cases, the word 'Christ' may be given a different name but it is the one and same perfect and pure Personality of Love which was Divinity made manifest in the Man Jesus of Galilee. It should also be noted that the work of Divine union upon each individual soul that experiences such wonderful favour, might have varying intensity and frequency of occurrence accordingly. Also, there can occur, more rarely, an external (physical) manifestation of the inner spiritual Divine union which is peculiar to Christendom and followers of the Cross. This physical manifestation caused as a result of union of Spirit with soul (or 'Love' with the soul of a 'Child of Love') has been known as "stigmata" and has been recorded and witnessed in members of Christendom throughout the ages. Indeed, Paul may have experienced a physical manifestation of this spiritual phenomenon, 'stigmata': ("…I bear in my body the marks of the Lord Jesus" Gal.6:17). Furthermore, profound descriptions of subjective experiences of this Divine phenomenon are available, such as those by John of the Cross, yet it should also be noted that these are subjective descriptions and while enlightening, the further Truth that has been made available to mankind by decree of Christ through the Christ Mission and the Greater World concerning life beyond the Veil in the Heavenly Spheres, was not available to such spiritual people and therefore certain limitations of knowledge concerning the aspect of life after death are apparent.


John 17:22,23

"And the glory which thou hast given me I have given them, that they may be one, as we are one; I in them and thou in me, that they may be perfected into one..."

The third aspect deals with His actual return in something of His spiritual Glory in its manifested state where He shall be seen by all. This will only be when the spiritual vibrations of the earth have been purified enough by the thoughts, actions and deeds of man as he follows the way God has laid down for him to follow. This wonderful event shall only happen when there are enough people who desire with all their heart to see and know Him for Himself, quite simply, out of the love in their hearts: "...Ye shall not see me, until the time come when ye shall say, Blessed is he that cometh in the name of the Lord" (Luke 13:35).

This happening is dependent upon man himself, and secular time has little or no part to play with regard to this supremely joyous and awesome event. In essence, this is not to do with dogma or doctrine; this is to do with real love, this is to do with human beings having hearts which are full of genuine, powerful, unconditional love, and therefore would not only welcome but yearn passionately to be with the Source of Love. Love shall not be as anyone expects but appear in form hitherto unimagined. But, before this happens, as the earth conditions become more spiritualised as time goes on, man shall witness many spiritual events, such as the more frequent appearances of the Bright Ones from the Christ Realms. Man shall work with those in the Spirit in a spirit of true co-operation, and thus further purify the conditions of the earth plane. Then, Christ shall come in a greater form that has hitherto been possible, so "that in the fullness of times, he might gather together in one all things in Christ" (the Grand Consummation - Eph.1:10).

Many of the theologies in existence erroneously assume that Jesus will return to punish those who have failed to follow their dogma (whatever it might be). This does not portray the true Nature of Christ, and this interpretation, due to the human revenge aspect it erroneously attributes to Christ, does not help the portrayal of the real love of Christ for the world which He had come to save and, as He said, He had not come to judge. Some 'fanatical' people will call upon their concept of Jesus and pray that He will come with an army of angels and destroy anyone who disagrees with them; perhaps difficult to visualise but true sadly. But this is the opposite to what shall actually happen. The error is in misunderstanding spiritual mechanics. "Judgement" is at physical death, and is by the greater self within upon the lesser self. This is not to be confused with that time when Christ shall manifest Himself to all of humanity.

There are also those who claim to prophesy the secular time that Jesus shall return to bless humanity, but their error is found to be that they are thinking with the mind of the body. They are trying to work out something which shall occur as a spiritual incident. They claim to be spiritual but try to judge time according to the ways of the earth. They have been looking at spiritual things in a physical way because as their minds have been trying to work on the material level, during its course it has been gathering up the furniture and still more furniture as they go. The things which are of the Spirit are blocked in the measure that the material or physical dominates the mind; the mind of the body crowds out the things of the which are of God and the Fount of Wisdom which would make the knowledge of the Spirit clear.

They are trying to be complicated with their physical thinking but the way into knowledge is to have the attitude of a little child when it comes to the things of God. Jesus said that there would be people proclaiming that the time of the Second Coming is this and that (much in the same way that people make weather forecasts by reading physical signs with the physical mind, as it were), and He said not to pay any attention to them. It is essential that man strongly desires the coming of the Kingdom of Love to the Earth but this should be with an attitude of patience and it should not preoccupy the heart and mind to the extent that the present, with it's many duties and responsibilities, is neglected; and yet desire to see Love should be the deepest desire as it comes from the Divine contained within.

But (to paraphrase a Spirit Messenger) Christ must wait until man arises to a sense of responsibility, when wars will cease, when diseases affecting continents will begin to die down, when the disillusionment and unbelief that wrecks life loses its power, then peace will dwell amongst men and women because the love of a loving God will be in their hearts and it will dominate their minds.

As the dark Veil (caused by the dense vibrations of selfishness) which separates the earth from the purer realms of the World of Spirit is dissipated by the results of the gift of Spirit-Communion, Christ and His Glory shall be forever present amongst man to reassure, guide and bless for ever. The Veil shall be removed as God intended it should be before man abused freewill, and this little Earth will be so completely spiritualised that it will have become a new world and a small part of Heaven. The Gracious One has promised through Spirit Communion with Joel: "I shall pour out My Spirit upon all flesh; and your sons and your daughters shall prophesy, your old men shall dream dreams, your young men shall see visions (Joel 2:28)". Thus, Christ will have destroyed "the veil that is spread over all nations. He will swallow up death in victory (Isaiah 25:7,8)". Finally, Christ "shall see the travail of his soul and he shall be satisfied (Isaiah 53:11)".

Tony Bisson

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