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 Matt Craven          
Location:  London, England The World
081  Monday February 20, 2006 - 13:18   
Wow, what a site. Thanks!
 Robert Edward Heath          
Location:  Mitcham, Surrey UK
080  Saturday February 18, 2006 - 20:42   
Thank you so much for your site, it has helped me a lot on my spiritual quest, it was especially pleasing that one could choose the format for the way the pages were displayed. I read the section that says that there were various reasons that precluded inclusion of some types of entries in the visitors book, and I understood it, it reflected my views of how things should work in this world, it is only left to me to thank you for being a help on my way to understanding somethings I had an inkling of before. I look forward to visiting this site again. Thank you. Robert.
 David Gladding          
Location:  Portsmouth, UK
079  Sunday January 29, 2006 - 11:58   
After a long journey which has led me in directions that I had no genuine wish to go, I came upon your wonderful site and after spending time exploring and taking in the information that you have made available, I feel for the first time that I have found my way home.
Thank You.
Location:  Denmark
078  Tuesday January 10, 2006 - 23:24   
Thank you so much!!! I have been searching for so long for an answer... About a year ago I was involved in spiritualism and I even vent to Arhtur Findlay College to tranin trance and I did get quite good resoult that week. But through my girlfrind (whom I live together with for over a year now) introduced me to Jesus and we began attending church - some times. And came into contact with Lutheran Mission Youth department in our city and we are members there. They are great people and I like them alot! But I do not allways share thiere beleafs, because my experience as trance medium (which I have not done after I met Jesus - maybe a mistake...) and sometimes I actually think of them as narrowminded - And now after reading on your website I know why!!!!
 Ruth Sykes          
Location:  Pietermaritzburg, Natal South Africa
077  Tuesday December 27, 2005 - 18:09   
Looking for answers after the death of my husband, been married for 48 years, and I don't believe that I will never see him again, felt I need help from a force higher than just me.
 Liz Loxley          
Location:  Bradford, West Yorks England
076  Friday December 23, 2005 - 17:30   
What a lovely informative site. I am new to spiritualism and am a healer, connected to the World Healing Crusade in England, and the Church of the Seven Planes.I will be consulting the web-site regularly. Gods blessings on you.
 Gareth Edwards          
Location:  Coventry, West Midlands United Kingom
075  Tuesday December 6, 2005 - 17:16   
I am the webmaster of another Greater World Church located in Coventry (Midlands, UK). Thought I would sign to show my support.
I like the site and it is very informative.
Gareth & all at Villiers Street Greater World Spiritualist Church.
Location:  Glasgow, Great Britain
074  Tuesday November 15, 2005 - 01:37   
I very much enjoyed reading your home page. I am seeking God's direction. I am a member of a mainstream Protestant church but don't feel I particularly fit in there. I have been thinking about attending a Spiritualist church but hold back because of mediums talking to dead spirits - and also I wasn't sure if it was a Christian church.
But after reading your page I feel better about it. But don't know if the Spiritualist church in my city is the same as yours.
Anyway I will continue to seek and search. Many thanks for your website and I send you greetings in Christ's name.

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