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 Mike Waters          
070  Saturday October 8, 2005 - 22:02   
I have just lodged a Life Story/Thesis entitled 'The Search for Original Christianity' on Google under . As a result of 'going public' with thoughts that are too radical for the fundamentalist denominations I am now effectively 'homeless'. Whilst trawling the net I found yourselves and was struck by the number of comments which seemed compatible with mine. It will be several months before the search engines list me under subject matter so, in the meantime, if any of your enquirers, or yourselves, read me and feel inclined to respond I would welcome an exchange of thoughts. Is there anybody out there?
Location:  APO, AE USA
069  Tuesday September 13, 2005 - 04:27   
Just recently I came across the religion of spiritualism, and it kinda made me at ease. A sense that a person coming into this life not knowing exactly what we're here for, doesn't have to try so hard to believe, act a certain way in order to go to "Heaven" a sacred place, a place that makes u feel like everythings going to be okay, and theres no need to fear. Have u ever felt like ur never enough, like no matter what u'll always sin, and its disappointing, its too hard in our day to day lifestyle? In a sense I've always believed in spiritualism I just didnt have a name of my feelings until I read book about spiritualism. It's weird. But, I read it like it was a calling, like its what ive been waiting for, and i wanted more, you know? I believe in it, it makes me not afraid, it makes me relaxed at the thought that there is more to than just what we are, as beings. Although, I do believe in a higher being, a creater among others, I believe somene created us, who's called "God". Do I feel guilty for wanting spiritualism as a religion, Yes? Because I truly don't know if its a so-called sin to believe. Do u? Does anyone? Is it okay to be both, A spiritualist and a christian? It wrecks my mind wondering, I need answers too. It's like I could go on and on on this comment board, please contact me if interested.
 Mark Farrand          
068  Friday August 26, 2005 - 17:59   
Thank you for the Zodiac Messages - please continue to transcribe and post these messages, they are a source of help to many -'the message will get out'.
 Bobby Presley          
Location:  Luton, Bedfordshire England
067  Friday August 19, 2005 - 15:05   
I agree that the so-called established church including pentecostals, are caught up is religious bigotry, dogma, and their own rules. This just serves to bind the spirit. They go through the motions without the Emotions. As a believer and a christian, I have often felt myself bound and restricted by them. I have had both a clairaudient and an out of body experience. Both of these I have found through those who believe in the psychic world are gifts that need to be developed properly, something which the so-called established churches seem to block, I have always found myself yawning in their meetings, and that is not from tiredness. I am trying to find ways by which I can develop these experiences/gifts. But I find it difficult to concertrate as I have a disabled partner and a small child to look after, which makes going to a spiritualist church diffcult. I know that it is possible to develop these gifts to the level of giftings that Derek Acorah has. And I see nothing in the bible that forbids such things, nor do I see anything in the bible against smoking etc. And yes I do agree that the so-called established churches including pentecostals do not really understand the spirit world, if they did then they would be able to accept things like orbs etc.
 Regina Bennett          
Location:  Holmes Beach, FL USA
066  Sunday August 7, 2005 - 15:24   
I read the Zodiac Messages and was happy and delighted to find your page. I have "the gift" and have been leery of it due to my Christian beliefs. Your page has awakened my spirit and have realized that my mind was my worst influence. Conventional churches have not appealed to me but the Love for Christ has. I find that most conventional churches are divided so I don't attend them. Thank you so much for this wonderful information!
Location:  Westcliff-on-Sea, Essex
065  Tuesday July 26, 2005 - 15:19   
I wouldn't call my self a Christian but I would call my self a believer of Religions.
I was baptised a Christian at the age of 9 +-
The pastor spoke to me and said that it's not something I should do because a friend had done it but because I wanted God to be in my life, words to that effect, it was some time ago as i'm now 23. After I was baptised my life did change and only now am I seeing how much it changed and is still changing. I enjoy reading about different Religions, faiths and Beliefs, after I've read something I feel better and spiritually stronger. Am I doing wrong by not selecting a Faith or am I in a grey area?
Location:  Saskatchewan Canada
064  Friday July 22, 2005 - 19:40   
It is nice to meet ppl who r on fire for god like me. bein in my early teens n all, most kids my age think christianity is lame, while i am part of youth groupes n help out with sunday school n stuff like web site is
Location:  Nr Coventry, England
063  Tuesday June 28, 2005 - 11:13   
I am so pleased to have found this site. Finally I have found somewhere where people can share their experiences of Spirit and of GOD! Experiences I can relate to. Experiences that have so often made me feel so isolated. I feel uplifted... Thanks! Rob

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