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 Rev Sharon Mc Clain, Ph.D.          
Location:  Cheltenham, Pa USA
150  Saturday February 19, 2011 - 23:51   
Enjoyed your site.
 Gary Seviour          
Location:  Midsomer Norton, Radstock England
149  Saturday February 12, 2011 - 01:48   
I used to go to a baptist church, for seven years. I quit eleven years ago after struggling with ideas of eternal torment. Recently I have read about Jesus here and wept while I thought "This is the Jesus I knew". The Jesus I knew of as a child, before I knew of any dogma. My spiritual life and philosophy is much improved. Thank you.
Location:  Nelson, Sth Is New Zealand
148  Sunday January 16, 2011 - 03:29   
I read Rev Vale Owens first 3 books many years ago and have never forgotten them. I now attend the Spiritualist Church of New Zealand here in Nelson (South Island).
Thank you Rev Owen for helping me open my eyes many years ago.
Location:  Kenosha, Wisconsin U.S.
147  Monday January 10, 2011 - 04:59   
I'm glad I came across this website. I had a few questions and this
website was great. I'm now comfortable and definitely reassured.
Thank you!
Location:  Perth, W.A. Australia
146  Wednesday January 5, 2011 - 04:44   
I'm finding much comfort & reassurance by regularly reading The Zodiac Messages. I started reading them mid 2010 after coming across this site (just by chance?) whilst I was searching for the titles of all of the Rev. Vale Owen's books which I'd read previously in 1994/1995.
Unfortunately we are now living in an era where it is very fashionable to be an unbeliever trying to bring down the faith & hopes of many good people with clever scientific debate etc.
Many thanks indeed for these wise old messages accessible to all who seek guidance & understanding.
(I've just finished reading the chapter Holy War.)
Kind Regards. Cee.
 J J          
Location:  Suffolk, VA USA
145  Wednesday November 17, 2010 - 05:06   
I am glad I came upon this site. I am a born-again Christian and I don't know how I know this but I know there are spirits that are present on this planet, I have seen too many stories of people who can see or hear or feel spirits. And I know that a person can be possessed of an evil spirit and that these evil spirits can masquerade themselves so you have to be careful. I was having a hard time knowing this and relating it back to my faith because I have never heard of such from the church I attend. Everything I have read so far agrees with (my spirit) so far, because that is how I try to discern info I read. I have read other things that my spirit doesn't seem to agree with and I am slowly but surely learning how to discern truth from fiction an such using my spirit and not my fallable mind. Thanks for helping me to understand a little better.
 Melanie Carroll          
Location:  Meadow, Tx  Terry
144  Wednesday November 3, 2010 - 14:24   
Hi there,
I will come back and read more, I have had a problem for over a year
now because I messed with a ouija board. I am a christian and belong
to God and Jesus Christ. But something has been brought around me
because of what I did... I have been searching for help with my problem
a long time now... A friend from another web site sent me here...
Thank you.. And I will return and read more... Melanie
 Richard Bent          
Location:  Laguna Niguel, California USA
143  Tuesday July 13, 2010 - 07:40   
These insights are well thought out and logical. They make sense of what has made little sense to me from a fundamentalist point of view.

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