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 Graham Shaw          
Location:  Rural Mission Field, Thailand
014  Wednesday September 17, 2003 - 06:54   
I am a rational man who has always understood God, or so I thought. Amazing events that have occured in my life over the past 4 years have caused me to sit up and think again. To write of them here would prove meaningless. I will only say that I am a Christian minister serving in the field in Thailand and have been in this area for 30 years. What happened here simply terrified my ethnic staff. But not me. I sought to explain them. But only in spiritual terms can they begin to make sense. I have now learnt to think of myself as a being composed of 3 parts. Body, mind and soul. It is the body and the mind that contol the lives of most people. Only when they seek deeper into their souls will they find God. Seek and ye shall find. Forget about knowing "of" God in your mind. Strive to know Him in your souls. Don't listen to the words and teachings of men, listen to the Words of God. They are not to be found in a church or a mosque. They are to be found deep within your soul. If He knows you are sincere, He will send the Great Counsellor to you in the form of the Holy Spirit. This, by His almighty mercy and grace He has done for me. Always walk the narrow path and seek the narrow gate.
May God show you the way.
 Mark Peter Temperley          
Location:  BoNess, West Lothian Scotland
013  Tuesday September 2, 2003 - 14:55   
Hello to everybody here. I am a Roman Catholic who practices my faith and I practice it because I know that through my 22 years on this earth; Jesus our Lord and Saviour has come to me in my darkest hours just when I thought all hope had gone. I have had moments which I keep safe in my heart when I know that it was He who helped me time and time again. This site has provided me with a way in which to "train" my spirtual being to be more in touch with Him and to always seek the truth through my life, so that I may pass into his kingdom of eternal light that he has promissed his followers if we keep and seek his teachings. Thank you and may God bless all who seek the truth; that it is the spirit which is eternal.
Location:  Jersey CI
012  Friday August 29, 2003 - 08:46   
I am bookmarking your very comprehensive site as it is most informative.
I seek, with an open mind, enlightenment and a pathway forwards.
It is good to know that you are here ~ literally!
 Gloria Joyce          
Location:  Summerville, Canada
011  Friday August 22, 2003 - 13:49   
I've often wanted to tell someone about my spiritual experience, but it's not a NDE ,but rather what many would class a religious experience. My husband was sleeping by my side, I was at a crises time in my life, like many questioning why was I on earth. I sincerely wanted to get closer to God, I needed his help, and feeling alone & unloved I desperately needed his divine unconditional love. I felt like my spirit was dying, & if God didn't come to my rescue, well I would die inside. A divine being did visit me, talked to me, the communication was telepathic yet clear between the heavenly being & my inner spirit. Wow! I was totally amazed, my spirit had its own voice, it was clear yet not verbal. I want to call this spiritual being an Angel and just like in the Bible the Angel touched my mouth with a piece of coal -it actually clicked on my teeth. I was awake during this experience by the way, but laying flat on my bed on my back face up unable to move anything but my eyes,kinda frozen in time. I saw only the bottom of his long greyish brown robe, with various size of blue circular stripes around its bottom. I saw feet & sandals just like they wore in biblical times. This happened when I was 43. I'm now 52. My life took a major turn for the good. I have been a cheer leader for the Lord Jesus to the best of my ability, & always will. I feel my purpose is to simply spread love, compassion, patience, assistance to as many as God puts in my path. The Spiritual message to me was a simple one, I was already forgiven of all sin, as soon as I repented and to give to everyone & everything unconditional love like God gives to all His creation. Please place this event in it's proper category. My e-mail is, if anyone want to talk or reach me. it's time I shared my experience to edify or strengthen others faith.
God Bless us all.
 Chris Neethling          
Location:  Jophannesburg, Guateng South Africa
010  Saturday July 12, 2003 - 11:00   
I have been a Spiritualist for over 21 years now , and do healing and also trance work .
My girlfriend comes from Jersey and we plan to come to the island in the very near future .
Her brother is a state senator .
All e-mails will be answered .
love and peace to you all .
 Angela Grace          
Location:  Hungerford, West Berkshire England
009  Tuesday July 1, 2003 - 16:03   
I feel and see spirit, I do not work, or even read books on these experiences.
I am on a quest for answers to know what I can become and achieve what I am supposed to.
I have spoken to many people alike. I don't know what path to take, but I have often amazed myself with knowing things, and hearing spirits.
I am seeking truth and understanding. Too many things I have experienced has proven to me that there is the existence of the spiritual plane. I want to understand and expect to develop.
Most of all, to keep God in my heart and be safe. I have found that it is down to me to guard myself, and I will bring light, and only be in the light.
There are not many people who understand, and I don't even understand, I am not ashamed of this. In fact I am proud of it.
I believe in God, and he must believe in me for this gift I have.
Location:  Bradford, England
008  Thursday April 10, 2003 - 07:53   
In my youth I was very much involved in spiritualism and was gifted. I then became involved with a certain religious group who made me feel like a satanist. I couldnt live up to their ideals and have spent years thinking God would destroy me so what was the point of my life. I recently became interested in spiritualism again and have felt spirit while at a meeting. I feel much happier now, as if I am back where I belong. Its good to find sites such as this to help me on my way. Loving thoughts to all and thankyou for this site. kathy.
 Nick ONeill          
Location:  Manchester, England
007  Sunday April 6, 2003 - 11:35   
Thank you for making this information available. I have long had an interest in Spiritualism but struggled to integrate it with my christian beliefs. This has been an eye opener to me.
Yours gratefully

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